Metro and Subway Elements

Metro and Subway Elements

Metro & Subway Elements

Trains, Maps, and Signs for Infographics & Mockups

This vector kit contains an expansive set of Metro & Subway based vector artworks to use in mockups, logos, advertisements, infographics or anywhere you want. All elements are vector shapes that can be fully edited, and scaled up or down without any loss of quality.

Set contains detailed artworks:
36 Service Code Markers
22 Signboards
20 Public Services Icons
10 Metro Logo Options
5 Trains
4 Scenery Options
4 Station Markers
3 Route Styles
3 Floor Warning Markings
1 Fictional City Route Map
1 Train Interior Layout

Detailed breakdown of what’s included:

- Fictional City Transportation Route map
A city’s subway route maps with 8 routes, 3 route styles and 2 marker styles for major junctions.

- Full-length Trains
2 modern day metros (one mimics the Dubai Metro) and 1 classic subway train – Just a few clicks to customize the paint job. 2 bonus trains included.

- Stations for your Trains
4 scenery options to choose from – grass fields, open air platform, platform with edge doors, and a covered platform.

- Interior Layout Plan
Seating and standing arrangements of the train with technical measurements.

- Symbols
10 metro logo options that can be customized as needed

- Signboards
Several signages providing station names, directions and layout information for the general public. Also includes public service signs such as Station Service Markers, Parking spaces, Food Court, Restrooms, Handicapped Access, Information Desk, ATM, Smoking Area, Wifi Zone, Mind the Gap, Elevators, Staircase, Escalators, Medical Assistance, No Pets, No Photography, Restricted Access, No Smoking, and No Cellphones Allowed.

Minimum version of Adobe Illustrator CS4 required. The font used is a Open Sans, which can be downloaded at Google Fonts.

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