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Thank you yderindere. :)

Looks nice.. :)

Very nice indeed!

Hi there,

i was wondering, can i use them on a white background? or do i need to change the color of the icons then ?

Thanks already


Hi Mike, thank you for question.

Main folder contains following sub-folders: Icons 48 (dark), Icons 48 (white), Icons 96 (dark), Icons 96 (white) They are ready for Windows Phone development (without circles).

If you will need any other size, different color or version with circles, then is best solution to open included PSD file and make fast changes there.

Little confused – your screenshot only shows metro icons yet the item main display is showing other sets, such as some for business, time etc. What actual sets does this item include?

Thanks for your time Vic

Hi victorh, thank you for question.

All what you see in main display pict and in Screenshots is included.

Actually, here is clue:
  • Main picture – contains 96 icons
  • Screenshot 1 – contains 45 alternative icons for the core 96 icons
  • Screenshot 2 – preview of folder ready for Windows phone development

So yes, you will get a pack of 141 icons, but I didn’t want present them that way. :)

Amazing job, good luck with sales ;)

Very good collection… BUT

You say 100% vector and the zip file contains only psd files. I understand that you can create “vector” in photoshop but vector is illustrator.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics Vector files are AI. EPS. SVG. CDR. but not PSD.

Is there a way to open them in illustrator as real vectors? I am very dissapointed and i will probably rate low if i cant.

Thank you

Hi artwarehouse,

thank you for buying Metro Icons.

Yes, as is said in sidebar, item includes Photoshop PSD and Transparent PNG. Yes, those icons are 100% Vectors, you can scalable them easily by changing size of PSD document.

If you want to transfer some icons into Illustrator, it is possible:

  1. Open Metro Icons in Photoshop. In panel “Layers” find required icon layer and click on small icon “pen”. Then press Ctrl+C (Cmd+C)
  2. In Illustrator open new document and press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V). Shapes will be showed.
  3. (optional) In Illustrator then you can go to menu Object / Expand.. to clean vectors.
- – - – -

I created Metro Icons primarily for App development, and this is why I made them in Bitmap editor. This approach allowed me to work in pixel-perfect quality.

Great file. Congrats on the bundle feature :)

I bought this months ago and thought it might be useful and YES! Pretty useful! =) Five Stars!

looks amazing

amazing icon set :)

These are great but I’m having difficulty exporting each icon layer with the circle and a user defined background color as separate png files. Do you have instructions on how this is done?

I believe this is; wasn’t it part of one of the recent Envato Bundles?

Yes, Metro Icons were a part of Mobile Envato Bundle.

AFAIK there is no support from authors for bundles, but in your case I make an exception. :)

1) Open first group called “TURN OFF (before export)”.
2) Choose one of Circle layer (in folder “Line”) and apply Layer style. For example Color overlay with your color.
3) Right click on that layer and select “Copy Layer Style”.
4) With holding SHIFT select all remaining layers, and in the same right click menu select “Paste Layer Style”.

Thank you so much! :) And I apologize for stepping over any lines, I should have done a better job at reading the bundle terms, so thanks again for being generous with your help.

Hello, is there a sort icon?

Purchased the icon pack but the content of this pack not the same as the website is showing ??