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That is truly amazingly deliciously classy!

Thank you very much!

looks so clean! i like it :)

UPDATE Layered Photoshop file included

Great fake comment, This is the worst download yet. Plain crap. Monkeys could create this. I wanted layers and graphics, There are none. This is misleading purchase

The download contain everything you need to create a complete menu.

This is fraud, i want refund. There are no graphics, links are not working…

Hi There, I have just purchased this item and I am unable to open it. I have the correct software but this is the error message I am receiving. “Adobe Photoshop could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file”.

I am after the “Minimal Food Menu – Italian Version.indd” . Can you please somehow send this to me so that I can use it?

Many thanks,


Hi Gianluca, I have managed to get the file open but there are no graphics in there. ?? I have purchased this item because of the layout and the graphics that are included. Can you please help me with this as I need this design to work. Thank you

It seems that the images don’t come with this design?? So what is it that we are paying for? You cannot create something to sell and then only sell a portion of the design. You are basically only selling a blank document with a few text boxes. Big deal. That is something that can be created in any simple document. The reason why we buy this product is so that the work in obtaining all the images is already done. Be careful when buying this product. IT DOES NOT COME WITH THE GRAPHICS. THERE ARE NO PICTURES. YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM YOURSELVES AND PAY FOR THEM. I am not very happy with this and want a refund.

Did you read the description?

I bought this image. I think I was cheated. The file has no original hub image and no text font. It has only a layout. The purchaser would really like to see this information. I want a refund. ME TOO!!