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Great presentation. Good luck!

Yup…loved the presi and the neat way all things were done layout wise too!

Thank you :)

Having a very difficult time with embedding the delicious font in the presentation to send to other devices. Is anyone else having this issue?

Awesome presentation!

Are all vector graphics (like the rocket etc.) included?

Yes, all graphic are included as vector type

I downloaded this template but it does not seem to have the same formatting as in the screenshots provided. How can I fix this?

Hi wzaf91, thanks for purchase. “the same formatting”? Could you give me more details because I’m not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean slide size?

I bought this theme and edited in powerpoint. But when I opened it on my iPad the complete layout was messed up. How can I fix this or isn’t is suited to open on an iPad?

Hi jgergin, Thanks for purchase. Unfortunatelly I can’t help you, because I don’t have an iPad. I even didn’t know, that it is possible to open PowerPoint presentation on iOS. Try to ask some apple support for this issue.

Several of the headlines came out as unreadable blocks of color. I fixed most of them by reducing the font size, or changing the font. But it was not easy to find the text box to change! Is it possible that the delicious font is not compatible with large size in powerpoint? Is there another font you can do a universal replace with, and still keep the formating (without needing to go back and resize everything?)