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Great Idea and Realization! Useful, clean and stylish! good Luck with Sales! Bookmarks and shared! ;)

Thanks buddy! :-)

This is great. Best of luck with sales! :D

Thank you Razlan! :-)

Nice set of work :)

Thank you Tashina! :-)

Looks fantastic! :)

Many thanks! :-)

Very nice! Love the colors.

Many thanks! :-)

I am disapointed by the poor quality of the background images, They should be much better.

I am sorry for the negative comment, but as positive I would say good layout.

Sorry to hear that, but all elements are vector graphics, there should be no low quality. Did you set View>Display Performance to High Quality? Thank you for the feedback.

Sorry, but the comment of the user vazquezr is correct. The background images are poor. Its not out-of-the-box useable. But we could use it with some workarounds. thank you very much =)

Thank you for the 1 star rating, even all the files are 100% vector graphics and fully scalable. Here is an image with the map, opened in Illustrator:

Sorry, but look into the letterhead_CS6.indd. It´s not ready for the print. But you are right. The 1 star rating is hard. i will contact the support to remove it. have a nice day

I checked the file and still, no loss of quality on my side. Every linked file inside the InDesign files are vector data. Could you tell me the InDesign version, you are using? Maybe there is some kind of incompatiblity I am not aware of. Thank you!

Image of the linked files inside the .indd file.