Discussion on Monitor Screen Mockup - 8 Realistic Effects

Discussion on Monitor Screen Mockup - 8 Realistic Effects

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Never mind I figured it out. Very sorry for the previous post…IT WORKS GREAT !!!

is there a way to remove the screen pixel effect if I wanted to?

Hide or remove respected layer.

Before buying i would like to know. is it possible to change the viewing angle?

No you can’t. There are already some angles which you can use.

just purchased

on the main page, you have 3 images all angled sideways…. how is this done with the action? I’ve tried all the files with no success.

Also the file with the computer screen… i think #8, when you add your image to the file, and save, it doesn’t crop it from the side of the monitor…

assistance please? :)

What version of PS are you using?

CS3 :-(

ahh. will upgrade asap.

Great screen mockup. Thanks to Artbees…

Web Dizayn
Su Deposu

really nice, but what about the pixel dimensions of the files? sorry but i don’t see it anywhere! :)


Thanks :) There are 2 formats: Large and Small. Maximum dimension is 1200×900px

Looks very nice! What are the pixel dimensions of the output files? Need to know this before purchasing :)

Thanks :) There are 2 formats: Large and Small. Maximum dimension is 1200×900px

Awesome design !! I like it That’s why I wish you more lucks in the Future :D

Hi, great mockup! How can i change pixel grid density, i mean changing pixel grid scale? Just let me know where this can be changed in Actions or somewhere else.

I know it says it is for CS4 but will it work for Photoshop CC as well?


Is the mockup for wide screens or standard screens? and what is the dimension of the screens?

Hi there,

The mockups are shown in preview image. There are 2 dimensions: Large: 1200×900 Small: 800×600

Thanks alcalarob! :)

Awsome and simple! Thanks! :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a ton. A big time saver!

Thanks. Enjoy using it :)

Great job, really realistic, what about making new angles ? 8 is not enough, let us know sure lot of people will buy…

Thank you fredblago! Yes definitely 8 is not enough. Hopefully we will release more new items and we will let you know.

Good day. I purchased this item and have some troubles… I cant open either any file with my PSD CC2014, or PDF file… Can You help me please? You can answer to

Thank You!

Sorry, I opened it :) Regards, Andrew