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Discussion on Mono Resume

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Please organize the files. I am on a mobile plan with slow download speed. Making me download ONE BIG FILE archive with filetypes I do not need is simply a waste of time.

You should split all the content. Separate download for HELP files, Microsoft Office and Adobe filetypes. I am stuck waiting to download huge file in rural area with my bandwidth being eaten away at very slow speed.

Thank you for purchasing Mono Resume. It’s the first time we have had such a request, thanks for bringing it up. When we update the files we make sure we do this.

very nice item..GL with sales.

I bought this template, but is so disapointed. The text is so small it is almost unreadable. When making it bigger, the design breaks as the sidebar is too narrow for it. Thought it was ready to use.

HI LadyDK, sorry to hear you are unable to fit your text in the template. Would you like to contact to see how we can help you. You can reach out to us at

Hi – I’ve downloaded this and the file does not open with word. I cannot get anything to open. Is there any way to troubleshoot or just get my money back?

Hi Kimberly

All the files included with the download have been tested before uploading.

Would you like to contact us directly so you can explain in more detail what the issue you have is with the file.

You can reach us at



pre sales question, I need to purchase this, but I need some changes to be like my online cv exactly here:

Hi there. Just bought the Mono resume and the heading text does not seem to show, only the background is included. Also the line and bullets that link the years in the education and work experience sections is not showing. Please advise.

Hi Thando345,

Please contact us directly at so we can best help you.


Hey just purchased the file but it’s in zip, I thought we had the option to download in word? Please reply soon

Hi Keenyn

All the formats are together in the single zipped file, download and unzip the file.

If you need anything else you can reach us at


Okay thank you I was able to do it. Now, how do I save the pages individually? Like if I wanted to send my resume to someone but just my resume page and not the other pages how would I do that?

Just delete the things you don’t need.

Hey there,

Just want to say thanks! I had been to countless interviews and had no bites, despite being skilled in numerous areas. I bought your template, made a few adjustments (just customizations) and the very first position I applied for, I was interviewed and hired immediately afterwards—skipping the second interview entirely. Never before have I gotten such greats results. I highly recommend this template.

You, sir, know your $#;+.

Blown away by this comment, thank you… thank you :)

Hi, I like this CV template a lot! :)

I wonder which program is best for editing the template. I don’t mind learning any of them.

Thanks Luculenus

Adobe Indesign and Illustrator are the best options as you have more control on the typography and pdf. If you have the software and some knowledge of the program then its the way to go.


Hi, I just purchase this resume. However, when I opened the Mono_Resume_A4.psd, there is only page 2 (which is the cover letter). There is no page 1! Please tell me how to find the psd version of page 1 (the resume). Thanks!

Hi, all the pages are contained in the same Photoshop document.

If you navigate to the layers palette you will find each page designs in layer groups. The content for each page is contained within these layer groups: Page 1 – Letter, Page 2 – Resume, Page 3 – Portfolio

All the best :)

good luck with sales man

I can’t find any fonts in the download files of Mono Resume and Bold Resume, please advice!? Thank you

Hi AlidaKal, links to the fonts can be found in the PDF files called ‘ReadMe’.pdf.

If you need help with anything please contact us through the email form on our GR profile page or by using the contact form on our website


Good evening I bought your layout for curriculum but when I went to download it inside I found only a letter of presentation. missing file is in photoshop illustrator for the curriculum

the downloaded files are missing files I found only a letter of presentation missing the curriculum

Nothing is missing in the files you just need to turn on and off the visibility of the layer groups.

I will send you a screenshot to your gmail account to help you, just give me 10 mins.

You should have the screenshots now

hi, the contact form doenst work. it keeps saying ’’please wait’‘

You can also reach us here

Hi can i buy the Mono Resume in A4?

Mono Resume includes both A4 and US Letter sizes, so when purchase it you will find both inside the download ;)

Hi there,

I just downloaded the file and it’s not the same as the one advertised?

Please contact me here and I will see what is the issue.

Just emailed you, thanks

Got it thanks, will continue through emails. Thanks ;)

I cant delete the last page, it is totally blank, can you please let me know how can I delete it?

Hi Jonatan,

These are the instructions for the Word version.

Make sure display invisibles is turned on.

1. Locate – Section Break (Next Page) on the last page

2. Insert > Section Break > (Continuous) before Section Break (Next Page)

3. Highlight Section Break (Next Page) and all content on next page.

4. Delete.

If you email me at I can send you screenshots of the stages or you can email me your resume and I will delete the last page for you.


Hi iKonome i purchased the Template yesterday, until now i can’t download the item, the download is interrupted several times although i’m connected to the internet with very good connection speed. please let me know if it is possible to send me a direct link to be able to download again without interruption. thanks Salah

Hi Salah,

GraphicRiver is responsible for the downloads and we have no control over this.

Please contact us directly from our profile page and we will see how we can help.



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