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Thanks, Gembell.

Thanks, khatrijiya.

Nice layout :)

Thanks, gbs.

I have purchased but do not see a link for the city skyscraper background, where can I find or can you send?

Since the flyer is made 2555×3583px @300 DPI I would sugest “Large”

last question…. i promise =) What font was used? I only have fireworks so I am having to recreate the text…

Fonts are “Arial” and “Times New Roman”. Those are core fonts in Windows and Mac, it means they come pre-installed in your system and fortunately you don’t have to download.

Hopefully Fireworks will pick up the same fonts. But if for some reason you think they have been replaced with other fonts, you can pick them up again with “Type” tool to match correctly again.

And don’t worry about asking anything, I’m here to help.

5 stars! :)

Thank you very much :)

i need this as A4, is it possible?

srry i’m idiot, i need A5 :)

*need A3 … :/

Ok. Email me from my profile page, please. I will help you.


The flyer size is not correct… it is NOT 8.3×11.7. The actual size is 8.517×11.943.

Can you fix that?

Thank you, Idalino.

It is supposed to be greater than 8.3×11.7” because of bleeds. So 3mm (corresponding to bleeds) are applied to the standard size. I’ll check it out in case it needs to be adjusted.

I understand it has to be more than 8.3… actually, the exact measurements, including bleeds should be: 8.627X11.103. And your file’s measurements are: 8.517×11.943

You are right. I’ll fix it.

Can you provide a download to the BebasNeau font that you used in the flyer? Your say in the Item Details that you provide links to all fonts used in the flyer, but your ReadMe file has no link to the BebasNeau font. I tried finding a separate download for the font elsewhere online, but I can’t seem to find quite the right one. Your help is appreciated!

I’m sorry about that. This should be it: Bebas: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/bebas-neue

The other ones are Times New Roman, and Arial; which should come pre-installed in your computer by default.

I’ll fix the missing links in documentation. Thanks for letting me know.

do you think this would translate well on a 4×6 flyer? or a half page flyer

Maybe. The design may need to be rearranged.

Do you need any assistance?

i want to add more “guests but when i copy a group and add a picture it changes for both groups – how can i create another group without duplicating?

Use «New Smart Object via Copy» like this: - Select the smart object you want to duplicate - Go to: Menu > Layer > Smart Objects > New Smart Object via Copy - Edit now