Multicolor Annual Report

Multicolor Annual Report

This is InDesign Annual Report template with 20 content pages and 4 color themes. Use it to create your Annual Report with financial results for the year. The template includes space to show key facts and figures on each page, message from chairman, general text (year overview, business strategy, vision and mission, etc.), board of directors page, major achievements page, financial statement section with balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and changes in equity tables. This template addresses the common content used to prepare the Annual Financial Report however if you are missing something you can easily adapt existing master pages to fit your content / figures.

The template is loaded with pre-defined paragraph styles, character styles and table / cell styles to ensure easy customization. All styles are properly named and grouped. Each spread resides on its own layer so you can easily find and customize different elements.

All colors are saved to Swatch palette so if you are unhappy with particular color you can change the settings of this color to whatever you like and you’ll have that new color everywhere in the template where the old color used to be.

Template Preview

Go to this page to see preview of this annual report template.


No images are included with this template. Background image can be downloaded for free, others are from stock image site (3 USD for high-resolution version).

You can easily add your own photos that show figures / data you are highlighting. Email me if you need details for any particular image and I’ll send you the link asap.


Only free /system fonts are used for this project, links to download free fonts are provided in the documentation.

Ready to print, easy to edit

  • Table styles and cell styles for easy excel table styling
  • Paragraph styles
  • Character styles
  • Automatic table of content
  • Text aligned to grid
  • CMYK and ready to print
  • Objects are placed into different layers to organize them for easy selection and editing
  • Swatches
  • Easily replace the images with your own

Files included

  • InDesign template file
  • INX file for CS2
  • PDF preview file
  • Documentation

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help.