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Hi, I just purchased this template and I have CS5 . There were no fonts or images included in the zip file. When I open the template in Indesign, all I have is 15 blank pages with no actions, no wording, no images.


Images in all Graphic River templates are for illustration purposes only. I sourced nearly all the pics from photodune, links to the images by the sides of the page, as stated in the items description:

“Images are all sourced from photodune.net links to these images provided in the template. Images for illustration purposes only.”

Links to the fonts are inside the PDF document named File Instructions that came with the item download.

If you have any further problems, please let me know.

I’m not sure what I purchased. There is no text, no actions, nothing but 15 blank pages with rectangles…

I’ll source the fonts and images, but I expected to see text or at least text holders?

I started looking at the source images broken links and text broken links – there are 458 errors during preflight. I’ve downloaded templates before but this one just doesn’t seem to have anything in it. I’m using cs5 and the idml file?

You definately should have text boxes. You should have the entire layout just without any pictures. The grey boxes are where the image placeholders should be. For some reason .idml files don’t save the image previews. When you delete these boxes you definitely don’t have any text boxes showing. It’s not because the text colour is very similar shade of grey to the boxes.

If you want to direct message me through my profile page, and I’ll try and fix this over the email. Would be useful if I could see a screen grab.

Does it actually require CS6 or will CS5 .5 do?

Hi Yes this template will work fine on CS5 .5

Some of the liquid layout features won’t be active, but you will receive all the page layouts.

If you have a problem with the template please contact me through my GR profile page and I will be able to solve any issues.

Great Template. I wish you had set it up ready for folio builder. With means single documents for each article etc. Otherwise great stuff!

Glad you like it! Yes it’s designed as a professional magazine and not for a ring binder really

The picture for the “ipad overlay” is also not included? i only get blank grey with retangle..

Apologies for the slow reply. If you want the iPad overlay fixing for older versions of indesign, contact me through my profile page and I can send you some files

Template works great in cs6

Hi, thanks! It was originally set in CS6

hi before i buy this i have one question or two ! :) in this template it is possible to add video ?and how ? we have to creat or organize portrait and landscape or it will organize the content automatically ?thank you

The video is possible from look at the indesign help files. Your best looking for a tutorial on the adobe website that will guide you through the process. You only need to change the text or images on one layout for the changes to take effect across all of them. Enjoy!

and yes if i want to export this into a epub version it is possible ? the content wont mess up ?

I don’t have any experience with the ePub format. Someone else who bought this template wanted to create a ePub and they went ahead I didn’t hear anything back so I presume there wasn’t any issues! That’s the most I can help you with on epics unfortunately.

ok how about the video ? i mean i will have support to insert video ?

Hi there, like I say, I don’t know a lot about inserting video, but this page on the indesign website says you just place in like its an image. It explains the lot really, check it out… http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS188C0BC9-4FED-4b4a-BC8C-7E7C6E2BA7E1.html

I just downloaded the source files but they still have the envato watermarks?


Hi, yes the images are just for illustration purposes, you need to insert your own pictures and text. I’ve put links to all the shots used so you can purchase them from photodune, it’s great value over there compared to istockphoto

Sorry, I was asking about the Envato watermark – but now I get it – I didn’t realise photodune was part of Envato and those watermarks are for those specific images.

Is this the “error message” I should be seeing on the links? http://screencast.com/t/DaYubltnrPeG


Hi, no probs, yes that broken links message is because the photos don’t come with the template. So it’s looking for the image files, but they don’t exist. Enjoy!

Hi, first of all very nice job! Can you explain me what do you mean with “Top navigation bar” ?

Its a navigation panel you could use to allow people to skip through the finished magazine

Hey CRSDesign, Awesome template works great in CS6!

Hey thanks dude!

This is amazing thumbs up to CRS design quick question before I purchase. How do I get this onto the ipad eg how would I supply it to people to use? its the only bit I dont understand

Apologies for the slow reply, I’ve been out of the country. There’s quite a few publishing platforms you can use, magplus being the main one as far as I can tell. Do a google search and see what you think

hi is there a white ipad included?

Apologies for the slow reply, I’ve been out of the country. Just a black, you can swap the image pretty easy if you need a white

Hi, I really like this template, but I have one question before buying…

At the end, when I finish my design based on you layout, how do I export from inDesign to iPad? What format?

Thank you

Hi there, you have a few options, they all have a cost or charge. Adobe offer there own service the other main player is http://www.magplus.com/

Really awesome work! Did you already seen my new magazine template: [LINK REMOVED]

Can you edit this with ibooks author?