mySudi Form Ui Kit Bundle

mySudi Form Ui Kit Bundle

mySudi Form Ui Kit Bundle is a set of commonly used but time consuming to design and to get that unique approach to development set of forms. Do you have a cool project you working on? and you dont have a way of doing some unique forms? Well here is a solution for you.
Here’ the solution is. The aim is to help you quickly realize the hidden potential in you, if you like it, then grab it and get your projects looking great.

With this sets of designs – you can completely change the way your bootstrap designs look like and even more.

Fonts used:

  1. Helvetica TT
  2. Raleway
  3. Helvetica Font family
  4. Arial
  5. Gotham (TT)

What you’ll get just to mention a few:

  1. SignIn form
  2. SignUp form
  3. Upload


I will be launching an HTML/CSS version of this later this week.

More coming soon!

Please if you won’t give it a five start rating, let me know what i can fix or add so you can give it a five star rating.


Feel free to contact me incase you bump into a mess or just incase of something else!

Thanks for the interest in my template.