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sorry but I could not get this to work just keep getting the same error ‘the command apply is not currently available’ tried and tried and tried and tried and gave up! so something is clearly f@cked up here!

Thank you very much for purchasing! You might doing something wrong. Please contact me through the contact form on my profile page. I’ve updated files to match the lastest version of Photoshop CC2017.0.1. Make sure you installed files from a folder that matches your Photoshop version.

I have purchased it but can`t download the main file from envato. All other downloads work fine.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing! Maybe server is not responding at the moment, try to download it later. If you still experience problems please, Contact the Envato support because, I don’t manage a download process. Regards, Vlad


natalt Purchased

Same problem as daverave, I keep getting ‘The command ‘Apply’ is not currently available’ error which breaks the whole process. Have tried multiple times on both fonts and shapes.


natalt Purchased

Hi, I am doing so. I’m following your video exactly and using your test PSD, but getting the error.


natalt Purchased

Create background step also throws up the same error.

Don’t worry I will help you to make these actions work for you. Copy your message and send it trough the contact form here: http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha#contact

Hi! I emailed you with some questions but haven’t heard back. The instructions document that comes with the download is a little vague. Please help! Thank you

Adobe has updated Photoshop and alter action’s core functions so that most of actions just collapsed. I was a little behind, because I had to update most of all my items. Now I reached “White Neon” file and has updated it. Please redownload White Neon file again once the new version are available. You’ll be notified through the mail. Thank you for your patience.


SkylaJ Purchased

I have purchased this, followed instructions…even watched the video… but my end result looks NOTHING like what is advertised… im extremely disappointed.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing! Please contact me through the contact form here: https://graphicriver.net/user/vladuha I will assist you and indicate on your mistakes in a work process.

I have purchased this, eraser brush so i skipped that action. Everything else worked perfectly. But the result seems so different …. Please help

Thank you for purchasing! Please copy this message through the contact form here: http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha#contact I will help with the issue

It cannot work. no pixels / delete ~ all things are not work. please reply!

Hello, Thank you very much for the purchasing!

Please read the next comment below.

Similar error on the latest version of CC. Step 4 create background gets the following error: The command “Apply” is not currently available.

This really needs to be addressed—please reply in thread with the response.

Hello, Thank you very much for the purchasing!

There is nothing wrong with the version, admittedly, action works with the latest CC2017.1.1 just fine.

There is a common issue that some buyers sometimes experiencing while applying action on a test .psd file. You don’t need to go through the STEP-2 of a contour generating and STEP-3 because the planet is a contour shape itself. So skip the STEP-2 and 3 and go further up to the end. Also you can read section in the documentation: ‘Using 66px line Template’.

Make sure you have watched the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/1GzuWRO1u0I. In the tutorial I thoroughly explaining how to get through all aspects of the working process.

Kind Regards, Vlad

It doesn’t work. Same error as everybody.

Can you help me, please?

Hello, Thank you very much for the purchasing! Make sure you have tried the recommendations I provided in the previous comment. If they don’t help, contact me through the contact form here. http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha#contact


I’ve just run your action and got nearly all the way through ( to finish generate neon ) it stops at the command ‘apply’ is not currently available can you please advise

Kind Regards Steve

P.S. I can send screen grabs if that helps

Hi, Thank you very much for the purchasing! Yes, of course, I will assist you. Please, duplicate current message through the contact form here: https://graphicriver.net/user/vladuha#contact and I will get back to you asap. Thank you.

Hi, I did the steps, but getting at “The command “apply” is not currently available.” error. I Work on Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. Thanks

Support available only for users who have purchased the product.

Hey,maybe it doesnt work because theres is NO VERSION FOR Photoshop CC 2014 !!!!! But it has a big issue, it creates some stuff, but then t doesnt look at all like neon, and i watched everything etc. I want my money back !!!

Hello, Thank you very much for the purchasing! The product has been thoroughly tested on all Photoshop versions from CS4 and up to CC2018 versions. If you are experiencing some issues regarding the product you can take the advantage of the support and I will gladly assist you. Also, point what exactly you did and what exactly you’ve tried to make the product work.

You can write me through the contact form here http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha#contact. In the letter please point your problem and what you did step by step that I could recreate the problem of your Photoshop version to see the result. Since you are a member of the Creative Cloud subscription, I recommend you to update your Photoshop to CC2018 for not having issues with the rest products on the Market.