Discussion on Neon Sign Maker Photoshop Action

Discussion on Neon Sign Maker Photoshop Action

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No longer works. The pattern cannot be imported with the latest version of PS.

Hi :) Adobe in one of the latest versions of Photoshop changed the way of installing patterns. The easiest way to install patterns: open Photoshop and double click on the pattern file, it will be automatically installed. This method only works when Photoshop is open. If you have any questions, you can contact me through the feedback form in my profile.

When i put my company logo (transparent png format) into the file and use the create neon it just makes a huge white neon blob and none of the letters or design of my logo is separated. How do i make the logo turn into a neon sign and not a large white mess? Thanks.

Hello! Perhaps you are using an image that is too small. Try increasing its size to 2000 pixels wide. If this does not help then contact me through the feedback form in my profile.

I have my shape ready, the error occurs during the actions after I select create neon…. I started all over again and now that is not showing but is not transforming my shape to neon

Which version of Photoshop are you using?

22.1 2021

It should work in this version of Photoshop. Write to me via the feedback form in my profile so that I can send you a test file.

This is not working for me, preset seems to have an error or commands doesn’t exist

Hello! At what stage does the error occur? Contact me via the feedback form in my profile

Hi Just purchased and downloaded the action… I can’t find patterns in Preset Manager. I only have Contours and Tools… How to I get to show “Patterns” in preset manager? Thanks

Hello! What version of Photoshop are you using? Just try to double-click on the pattern file, it should automatically install in Photoshop :)

I managed to install it somehow. But in the presets it did not show anything else than “Contours” and “tools”. I use Adobe Photoshop 2020

Adobe has changed the principle of setting patterns in Photoshop 2020. Now, to set patterns, click in the top menu: windows > patterns. In the window that appears, click the [+] button and now you can add your patterns ;)

Hi this product is great thankyou! one question, how would i go about having my text one neon colour and the icon next to it a different neon colour. Thanks !

Hi :) To make elements of neon different colors you need to add an adjustment layer – Hue/Saturation. How this is done you can look at the example of this project –

worked perfectly for me thankyou. Just a bit of advice, Im learning to make short adverts for the display TV in adobe animate. so I want to make neon text, objects etc in photoshop then upload to animate do you think this can be done? Thank lil bro

I think that it is quite possible to do it if you work well enough in Photoshop. You will need to make several images with neon on and off. Then create a twinkle animation in adobe animate.

Hello. About 2 years ago you stated you were going to do an update to support older versions of Photoshop. There are a lot of us still using CS versions. I have CS6. Are you ever going to update this to support older versions?

Hello! This action uses improved layer styles that appeared in Photoshop CC 2015. I have plans to develop a new set of actions that will work in older versions of Photoshop. If you are interested, you can subscribe to my profile to follow the updates. Have a nice day :)

Love this! How did you do the spray paint and stencil effect?

Hi, i’m glad that you like this action :) I did this with brushes that simulated paint splashes. To make a stencil I used the text as a mask

Really loving this one. Awesome work :)

Hi I have just bought the neon sign maker and I think its great. I was wondering is there is any way to get more colours on the sign or if its possible to combine different colours on different layers? Thanks for this action its great!! Cheers Palf75

Hi :) To make elements of neon different colors you need to add an adjustment layer – Hue/Saturation. How this is done you can look at the example of this project –

Thats brilliant thank you so much!! a great great help!!

Will this work with CS6?

Nope. Minimum version – Photoshop CC 2015

well that sucks… yours is the best I found

This is really nice looking and easy to use. I used it on a 2d object perfectly, but I want to use it on a 3d object. Any tips? Thoughts? Other similar packages?

Hi :) All the actions for photoshop that create neon give approximately the same result. Only the quality of the final image differs. What do you mean by 3d? You can show me an example of an image

Hello – I have photoshop CC2017 and it will not let me load the patterns OR the actions. Please adivse. Thanks

Is the software supposed to run on its own? I get prompted for all the steps and have to agree or press enter or change settings. Then it stops suddenly. Please advise

it stops right at “light spot”

Hi :) During the work of the action, no dialog boxes should appear. These errors occur most likely because you have not installed patterns. Please contact me through the feedback form in my profile. I will send you a test file so that we can understand the cause of the error

it works but I don’t get the same effect like your pictures. what do I false? I’ve installed the patterns and action yet

Hi :) Please contact me through the feedback form and send me a screenshot of the result

hue/saturation is not available?

Hi :) what version of Photoshop are you using?

Hi. Photoshop CS6×64

Minimal version of Photoshop CC 2015

Can I change the text? I am looking for graphics where I can change the thumbnails for my youtube videos

Hi :) Yes, this action works with text layers. I made an example for you

Curious if this action would work on a white background? I have a logo that’s pink on white and would like to add a bit of the neon look to it. Thanks!

Hi :) Not sure. Neon in itself implies a dark background, on a white background simply will not be visible glow

How do I make multiple color neon elements? Everytime I add a new object and run the action it hops to the wall background.

Hi :) To make elements of neon different colors you need to add an adjustment layer – Hue/Saturation. How this is done you can look at the example of this project -

Thank you! :)

Does this only work in in the most updated version of PS (I am running CS5)? Because I have tried everything and it doesn’t look ANYTHING like the images or video.

Hello :) At the moment, the action works in Photoshop starting with version CC 2015. Soon I will release an update with support for older versions of Photoshop.

not working in photoshop CC 2017? ANYTHING I SHOULD DO?

Hi! This action works in Photoshop CC 2017. Steps: 1 – Install action; 2 – Install of patterns; 3 – Create a new layer with the object from which you want to get a neon sign; 4 – Run the action :)

If you have problems or questions – write me, I will be happy to help you!


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