Newsletter Template Laetia 1

Newsletter Template Laetia 1

Newsletter Template Laetia
This newsletter template is available in 6 pre-made pastel colours. You can change to other colours. Conceptualised from a french touch, this newsletter template can be used in different ways from different industry.

Who can use this Indesign Newsletter Template
  • 1. Banking Sectors
  • 2. Media and Communication Sectors
  • 3. Lawyers
  • 4. Designers
  • 5. Musicians and Poets – Writers
  • 6. Spa Beauty Parlour
  • 7. Products Reviews – Example, if you are selling E-books or electronics products.
  • 8. Any other sectors that find himself in it.

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    Specification of the Newsletter Template
  • A4 Format – 12pages
  • It can be used as single page, double pages, or 12 pages or more.
  • Size = 8.2×11.6 inches
  • Bleeds = 3mm all sides
  • Fully editable
  • 300Dpi
  • Change picture easily. Select the “pink square” in the file then press Ctrl+d to put your picture.

    Fonts used in this template
  • Fonts Used : Droid Serif, Droid Sans, Century Gothic
  • Century Gothic is a system font already on your system provided by microsoft.
  • You can use your own fonts.

    Pictures that i used
  • Links are in the HELPFILE.

    If you need help concerning this template, drop me a message. Thanks.
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