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Wow. Good idea. Good luck. :)

really gr8 job doa

Great Idea…......!

omg! i did the same project some days ago but mine got rejected.. :P

Thanks a lot to everyone above – i’m really flattered ;)

@darknurbs sorry to hear that – and glad that i was lucky : all the work for the bin would have been very annoying!

Excellent file thanks! Easy to use, professional and great quality final image.

Good work. Highly recommended.

I’m flattered!

thanks a lot ;)

Hi Doa,

Really appreciate your effort. Please make more of these kind of mocks , I’ll keep buying ;-)

All the best,


thanks, evelyn.. i’m glad you like it ;)

Hi, am I able to use this for more than one client’s website design with the regular license? I have several clients with newsletters who would enjoy having a customized newspaper illustration for their website. Just not sure if that would require an extended license because they are different clients and different websites. It doesn’t sound like I need an extended license as long as I’m not selling a product with the newspaper on it, correct?

Thank you for your time and a great product design!

Hi madetobeunique,

no, you don’t need an extended licence as long as the item isn’t part of something thats sold again….so for marketing purposes a regular licence is sufficient, for publishing it on a cover of a magazine, calendar or t-shirt thats sold again, you need an extended licence.

Hope that answers your question ; )

best regards


it does, thanks a bunch!!!

great mockup! Thanks

Very simple, flat layers, no actions. It was not worth buying. Sad. I regretted.


maybe you tried the wrong file. There is a psd-file included with smartobjects to integrate your own design. I think you refer to the additional plain renders that are included as a bonus/preview.

Please make sure to use the .psd-file!

other buyers were quite satisfied with this item as you can see in the comments.

please let me know, if this was the problem…

best regards,


Love It!! I would love to send you a picture to show you how I used it.

Glad you like it ;) can’t wait to see how you used it … Send me a picture at d-baser@gmx.de