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This template delivers a neat high quality newspaper mockup visual in an very-well organized and simply to use PSD file.

I recommand this purchase for any graphic designer looking for a simple but aesthetically enhanced way to display newspaper work in portfolios.

Thank you so much for the purchase & for the kind words Clement, much appreciated! :)

This mock-up is really great! thank you!

Many thanks man, much appreciated! ;)

Fantastic work, I love this and all the other stuff you did. I’m THIS close to buying! :)

Sorry to be nitpicking, but there’s a slight issue with the copy text not wrapping correctly around the fold, underneath the subheadline (“007 PHOTO REALISTIC…”) in the first image. It’s especially noticable in the close-up at the end of your preview images. Is that something that could be fixed?

Yes, I know that! ;)


Thanks! ;)

Great mock-up, man! My copy of the file is missing the actual newspaper text. Where is that?

Hi Eric & thanks for the purchase! Newspaper design is not included, I did it just for this purpose (3 pages), if you need some advise or help contact me via my profile, I’ll gladly help! Thanks ;)

Great mockup! Well done. My download seems to be missing the PSD of the newspaper with the hand holding it. Also, on the multi-paper file (04.PSD), when I load in one design it fills in all 3 background papers. Please advise on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks!

Hi Chad, thanks for the purchase and for the kind words! Mock-up is updated on 5.March with one new presentation (Hand holding a newspaper), so please download the fresh copy! You’re not doing anything wrong, smart objects are linked, it is because of that! If you need any help please contact me via my profile page. Cheers!

I was unfortunately a bit disappointed cause I thought the front of the newspaper would be editable – not a flattened bitmap.

The rest of the work is great – it just would have been good to be able to edit the front of the newspaper as a smart object that wasnt flattened.

Thank you for the 3 star rating and for the purchase! This is the Mock-up, not the print template, if you want to edit the font you need to create your own template or buy it somewhere in the print template category! You’re not the only one who is wrong and who thinks this is a print template! Bad rating comes from guys who do not know what they need.

This is one of the one star rating:

Extra comments from the buyer: “I thought this was going to be a template but it’s very misleading. It’s just photos of mockups. Otherwise, amazing design”!

Yeah, great one! :)

Amazing work!! :)

many thanks! ;)

Awesome Quality Design!

Thanks! :)

Cool! You are a great designer!


It’s cool man :D Really like it <3

Thanks for the purchase mate! Much appreciated! :)

Great work!

Many thanks man! :)


i just purchased these! nice work :) the one with the string wrapped around is not included however, any way i could get this one? Thanks

Hi! Everything you see on the Preview image it’s included.