N-Hancers Lightroom Presets Vol.3

N-Hancers Lightroom Presets Vol.3

You should know these things:

To open the light room presets, go to the preset window, right click and press import. Then browse and open these presets to get it in lightroom. When you choose your photo just click the preset and the effect will be applied.

These preset were made in Lightroom version 5.6 (But should work in other versions as the functions used are available in previous versions).

Keep in mind that Pictures are very delicate things. Although these presets has been tested on a lot of pictures, sometimes it may not come out so well as on other photos, this is because of the difference in picture quality, lighting, tone and so on… Feel free to tweak in some adjustments to make it look better (If possible).

Some of my presets, use Graduated filters. If you do not know how to edit them then simply follow the tutorial i have made for this.

Presets Included -

1. Back to the 80s – Grainy color boosted effects, would look great on club photos, or metalic looking surfaces and really bring out the lights making it look like an 80s photo.

2. Back to the 80s – Very colorful effect which will bring out all the colors in the photo and give that a funky 80s feel. Great for scenic landscapes specially sunsets.

3. Basic Dragan – The famous Dragan effect, good for portraits.

4. Cinematic Contrast – Gives a cinematic effect, looks good on most photos.

5. Clarify V3 – Clears up the photo, makes it “pop”. Good for portraits.

6. Cleanscapes – Brings out the colors of Landscape pictures, specially makes the sky look more lively.

7. Clear Lights – Cleans up the photo, brings out the colors, looks good on most pictures.

8. Color Boost V2 – Brings out the colors of the photos, looks good on most pictures.

9. Cooldown – Gives a cold feel, Looks good on cooler pictures (e.g. not with much warmth/yellowness).

10. Dehazed – Dehazes the photo, looks good on most pictures.

11. Gritty – Gives a dirty-ish look on the photo, Good for Urban photography (e.g. – Graffiti) and portraits.

12. Gritty B&W – Gives a dirty-ish Black and White effect, Good for urban photography and portraits.

13. Mustard Chef – Gives a sharp effect, looks good on food with greens (e.g. – vegetables).

14. Mustard Chef V2 – Gives a light toned effect, looks good on photos taken at restaurants with sunlight/incandescent light.

15. Mustard Chef V3 – Gives a bright warm tone, looks good on heavy foods (e.g. – curry, rice, pizza, etc you get the point).

16. Natural Beauty – Makes your portraits look more cleaner and beautiful.

17. Retrast – Retro effect, looks good on most photos.

18. Sharpan – Variation of Dragan effect, makes striking portraits.

19. Soft glow – Gives a soft glow look on your portraits.

20. True Detail – Brings out the color and makes your pictures look more cleaner and sharper, looks good on most pictures.

Thank you for viewing. Hope you have fun with this pack. Please don’t forget to rate!  :)

Best Regards, IngeniousArtist

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