NoCrop Size Adjuster Photoshop Action

NoCrop Size Adjuster Photoshop Action

No Crop Size Adjuster Photoshop Action

The “NoCrop Size Adjuster” action for Photoshop will resize your images by adding certain effects to the area that should be cropped.You can choose between 3 types of blur, solid color or black & white effect.Any of these applied effects can have any size based on a precentage measurement of the photo using the transform tool.The actions are created so that you can manually change each attribute of the process resulting in an infinite number of possible versions.

Any result of the actions is fully editable: you can hide/reveal certain parts of the modified areas using the premade layer masks or you can move the modified areas just by selecting the corresponding layer.

You need no photoshop experience to use this actions, all you have to do is follow the video tutorial and start experimenting with different images to create funny, creative or professional photos or just slightly enhance your photos.


  • 1 ATN. file including all the required actions
  • Quick 5 steps PDF. tutorial with basic required informations
  • Read me informational text file

ATN. File Actions:

  • Clear Layers
  • Hide Layers
  • Reveal Layers
  • Delete Enhanced Selection
  • Width – Gaussian Blur
  • Width – Box Blur
  • Width – Motion Blur
  • Witdh – Solid Color
  • Witdh – Black & White
  • Height – Gaussian Blur
  • Height – Box Blur
  • Height – Motion Blur
  • Height – Solid Color
  • Height – Black & White


  • Required Photoshop version: CS3+
  • Actions are non-destructive
  • Results are fully editable
  • No Photoshop experience required
  • Fast & trustworthy support
  • Includes video tutorial


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