Discussion on Notebook Mock-up (Vol.02)

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Can the wire color be changed easily, by color overlay maybe?

Thanks for commenting Graphic-Studio.

The wire united with the notebook body. You can change the wire color, but it will change the entire body too. :)

Thanks JROHcorp :)

Nice work!Good luck to you:)

Thanks for your kind words Twiner , Good luck to you too.

Hi, can the height of the notebook cover be smaller than what you have in your sample? Thanks.

Hi Rakesh_p. You can add bigger, taller or smaller image to the Notebook cover. But it will automatically crop your image to the Notebook cover area.

Bigger Image will be crop (there’s Masking Mask feature on the Smart Object layer) and Smaller image will show all of your image with the cover background (as the default color of the notebook cover).

Hope this help you. If there are any question, please contact me again. :)

Hi, thanks for the information. Unfortunately, my client has selected another option.