Old Ink and Ancient Ink ASL Photoshop styles

Old Ink and Ancient Ink ASL Photoshop styles

Files included in the zip package:
- Quick Guide.txt
- OldAncientInk-ASL_Style_Preview.jpg (with Lucida Blackletter, Porcelaine and JaneAusten fonts, not included in the package)
- OldAncientInk-ASL_Style_Preview.psd (layered and customizable, with Times New Roman standard font, different from the preview jpg) - Ancient Ink for MedSmallFont.asl
- Ancient Ink for BigFont.asl
- Old Ink for SmallFont.asl
- Old Ink for MedFont.asl
- Old Ink for BigFont.asl
- Paper_texture.jpg

Use the 3 different Old Ink effects for 3 different font size or line thickness.
For the Ancient Ink style you can use the 2 ASL files for big and medium/small font size or line thickness.

Both the Old Ink and the Ancient Ink styles are appliable on text, vector shapes or raster layers.
Every style is fully customizable. You can change colors, opacity, pattern and glow scaling, and everything else.

Example PSD and JPG included in the package.
The zip file also contains a real paper texture in jpg format. The fonts used in the JPG preview are Lucida Blackletter, Porcelaine and JaneAusten, and are not included in the package. The PSD file uses a standard Times New Roman font.

Tips: for the best results work on 300dpi documents and use the Old and Ancient Ink Styles on realistic paper textures like the one included.
Try it for a halloween flyer or halloween decorations.

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