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............ WOW …........ Absolutely complete and perfect resume! Congrats Jae ;)

It’s an honor to hear from one of my influences here in GR. Thank you Ricard (PrismaDesign)!

nice work and a perfect presentation. good luck with sales :)

Thank you Patrick! I’m glad you appreciate it :) You got great print designs out there.

very nice resume ! :)

Thank you terusawa! :)

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased the template. Overall it’s a great looking design, however, as far as I can tell FSAlbert Light is not a free font! This is a pity, as I’ll now have to use a font substitution.

Please clarify if I’m missing something.


Hello StevedeVilliers,

FSAlbert Light font is still free to download. I have checked the link again and the font is still downloadable. These are the steps:

1. Go to this link again: http://www.fontpalace.com/font-download/FSAlbert+Light/
2. Type the two (2) words inside the Captcha box
3. Click “Download FSAlbert Light font” under the Captcha box

If you still encounter any problems with the font, please contact me via godmachine@icloud.com

Thank you very much for purchasing this item. I’m glad you like it :)

Thanks very much for the quick response!

That’s very interesting. If I click on the link on the (Help-PDF) pdf which comes bundled with the download, it takes me to a page (same url) which says “this content does not exist”.... I then did a quick google search for the font, and found a few sites which asked for payment. Anyway, the link above works fine. Appreciate the clarification. Perhaps my browser it playing up…?

Great support, great template! 5 Stars!!


You’re welcome :) Font links can be also viewed on the File Description (bottom-most part) in case you need to re-download the fonts in the future.

Thank you for the 5-star rating and for pointing out the “link problem” of FSAlbert Light font in Help-PDF. I will fix it on the next update.


This is perhaps a very stupid question, but can I edit this in InDesign? I want to buy it but my AI skills are, well, ...nonexistent.

Hello cityatnight,

Omni Resume can be edited easily in Illustrator or Photoshop as simple as grabbing the Type tool and start editing the texts, turning on/off the layers to rate your skill parameters, and resizing the shapes.

Thank you for your suggestion, I am planning to create an InDesign version of this product on the next update; but as of now, this resume set can be only edited inside Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Hi! I really enjoy this template. I have researched over 50 templates for resumes and this one is comprehensive and professional. Thank you for this design. I am working on adding photos to the portfolio. Can you instruct me on how to add my photos to the portfolio in an easy and simple manner? Thank you.

Hello newengine! Thank you very much for purchasing Omni Resume and the effort you have made for choosing this template.

May I know if the software you’re using is Photoshop or Illustrator?

Using Photoshop, you can quickly add images to your portfolio. Here’s the instruction:

1. Open “03 Portfolio.psd” in Photoshop
2. Expand “Project 1” layer group, double-click <Your Image> layer

You will be taken to a new tab named “(Your Image).psb”

3. Choose File > Place…
4. Find the image you want to place, then click “Place”
5. Adjust the image to the position you desire, then click “Save”

You can now close this tab and go back to “03 Portfolio.psd”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me again.

I’m so glad you like this product - your feedback is gold :)


This was an awesome Resume I used..and the company I applied for called me in minutes. I got the job.. Thanks for the work u did on this…

Wow that’s good news rayflo! I’m so glad that Omni Resume helps you win that job.

Thank you very much for purchasing and for the gold feedback you have given to me—much appreciated! Kindly rate this item whenever you have time, thanks in advance.

Godspeed rayflo!

Brilliant set!

Pity it wasn’t made in the more obvious InDesign. (Is there a urgent reason for that?)

Thanks johanvdo—glad you appreciate it! I am planning to create a Word and InDesign versions too in the future by releasing version 2.0, but still finding a way to recreate this resume set into those formats.

Hi there,

Nice template! I’d have to make some changes in order make it suit my needs though, so I ha have 3 pre-buy questions:

-Can I change the size of the images windows? I mean, instead of having many little images on one page I would like to have two big ones on the same page.

-Can I “mix” tow of the resumes? There’s a part of the functional resume that I like and a part of the hybrid resume that I prefer, so I would like to make a sort of collage of the two.

-As far as I know the FS Albert font is not free now. Have you thought of a substitute?

Cheers, I.

Hi Ivan,

Thank you, glad you appreciate it!

1 – Do you mean the Portfolio? Yes, you may delete some of the “image placeholders,” then resize them according to your preferences. Can be customized on both Photoshop & Illustrator.

2 – Yes, you can mix those parts of resumes bec. they were created in same golden grid sizes. Feel free to copy & paste or customize the resumes on Photoshop & Illustrator.

3 – I think “Aller font” will do but haven’t tested it yet – but I can give you the old copy of the FSAlbert-light font (.otf) – just email me after your purchase. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Jae,

1 – Yes, I meant the Portfolio. Sorry I wasn’t so specific. : )

Thank you very much for the purchase Ivan. Please drop a message to my email: godmachine@icloud.com so I can send you the old copy of font.

i love this resume template, i’m going to email you so i can receive the font. Thanks :)

Glad you love it! Cheers mate!

Hi i purchased this template a few months back and have seen that you have indesign files now. Can i please get those files because i don’t have illustrator and i’m having a hard time editing psd layout in indesign..Thanks you

Hi betamax007,

Thanks for purchasing this item.

I’m sorry but I haven’t released any InDesign files and haven’t updated this item yet.

Regarding your workflow, please open the PSD files straight in Photoshop and not in InDesign.

For the meantime, please download the trial version of Photoshop or Illustrator thru these links:

Photoshop: http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/photoshop.html Illustrator: http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/illustrator.html

Thanks, Godmachine

Hello Godmachine, When can we expect INDD version?

Regards Piotr

Hello Piotr,

Thank you for the purchase.

Regarding the InDesign version, there’s still no plan on releasing INDD format. Sorry for the inconvenience.