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Thank you, you inspired me to make one more game with this plugin

Thank you too, wagnerlandio :)

in future versions could put functions to create pyramids. For each new layer to be smaller than the previous giving the effect of pyramids

I will consider that, thanks for the suggestion!

Is there a way to make larger towers without having to click the action a billion times?

Try this: run extruding action 2 times, merge both extruded layers, duplicate, move and merge again. You will have now one layer as high as 4 layers. Duplicate it, move and merge again. Now it has height of 8; after the next repeat: 16, next: 32, 64, 128… Repeat as many times as you like. Alternatively, for much larger towers: run extruding action 10 times, merge all extruded layers, duplicate, move and merge again. Now it has height of 20; after the next repeat: 40, next: 80, 160, 320…

Thank you :)

Thank you for this fantastic program! The instructions really explain everything! :)

Thank you very much, literacode! :)

you actually inspired me to buy your plugin instead of searching for free download! thank you for huge effort that you made!

thanks a lot, that’s great :)

Hi! Does Pablo also work with german Photoshop? For example in german “layer” are named “Ebene”. Therefore some scripts don’t work in german.

Thank you and congratulations to your great idea!

Best Regards, Markus

Hi Markus! I did my best to make Pablo language-independent. Please contact me if you have any issues. Thanks a lot!

So far, I want my money back. I really didn’t find this as great as what other people have made it out to be. Another 6$ (Whats with handling fees on action scripts?) in the trash.

Thank you for the comment. You can always ask for refund.

Thanks a lot!

Extremely satisfied. I’m writing so that potential buyers can see that in 2015 (and creator tamiq, THANK YOU) these simple actions are EXTREMELY RELEVANT and USEFUL. This is a COMPREHENSIVE set of one-click actions for creating an object in any dimension, forward and back, with simple rollback and by virtue of the example files also a GREAT TUTORIAL and a huge TIME SAVER. Anyone doing a single project can justify the purchase, and if you do pixel art regularly, this is a must-own. I joined Enovato/Graphic River just for this download, and I’d do it again at twice the price.

Thank you very much for one of the nicest comments ever! I appreciate you took your time to write such a long review. Have a great day!

Hi, I’ve just purchased this, but finding it really difficult to pick up. Is there an online tutorial which talks you through it? I’ve seen one on Youtube but it doesn’t really talk you through it, it just shows you what it does.

Hi Philip, thank you for the purchase. At this moment there is no online tutorial, but I will consider making one in the future.


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