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Nice work! Good luck man!

Thank you mate!

awesome!! well done!!

Thanks mate!

awesome action! Best seller ;)

Very glad to hear it from you! lets see :D

great.. GLWS !!

Thanks mate!

Does it work between 1000-3000 pixels image?

Hi Alexkai.

The image should be 2000 pixels at the least on one axis, but it could work also on smaller images, it depends on the shape and position of the mask you’ll make.

In any case, you can make the image bigger, apply the action, and resize it down to its original resolution and it’ll work without problems.

Best regards, Nuwan

Dear BlackNull, looks great. Please one question, will the ATN work on a German Photoshop Installation? Thank You, minihase

Hi Minihase, thank you!

I still haven’t had the chance to test it on a version different than English, this is why i wrote that note in the desciption about changing language temporarily.

Best regards, Nuwan

Another Amazing action

Thank you mate!

Loving this action! Can you please explain how I can create text like in your sales page I would love to try this but don’t know how to do this in PS

Hi, thank you for the support!

It’s really easy: -open your image -make the text -rasterize the text layer and rename it mask -play the action

Let me know if it helps, you can also write me emails from the contact form on my profile page.

Best regards, Nuwan

Thank you for your help, going to try that out soon. Keep making these great actions please :-)

Thank you for the nice comment, I’ll do!

Hi, I brought this action and i run the action half way,it prompt out ” The command “Stroke” is currently unavailable” and I click continue to run the action finished and I notice the Layer Splash 04, there is no effect on it

Hi, Can you please send me a screnshot of the message when it appear, so that i can see the general situation of your Photoshop too?

You can send me mail from the contact form on my profile page:

Best regads, Nuwan

How do i attached the the screenshot to you? There is no attached button

Hi, you just need to reply to the e-mail i sent with a normal email with the file attached.

Best regards, Nuwan

Hi, i bought this wonderful action, but it doesn’t run… i’m using a mac, and i’m using photoshop CC. This action stop when it isn’t finished. (i’m sorry for my english :), Thanks and best regards

Hi, thank you for the support! Please make a screenshot of any message that appear and send it via mail, so that i can see the message and also the general situation of your Photoshop and understand!

To send e-mail check the contact form on my profile page:

Best regards, Nuwan

Good Work. GLWS!

Thank you mate!

Incredibly useless plug-in. Generates various Photoshop CC errors, regardless of image size. Don’t purchase this in its current state. 0 out of 5 stars.

Hi Blondowl, I’m sorry you encountered some issues! But don’t worry the action works perfectly and i receive a lot of good responses. It can happen for many small reasons that some messages will appear, if you send me some screenshots of these messsages i’ll be able to give you suggestions in order to avoid them.

My mail is

Can you please tell me also the resolution of the image you’re working on please?

Best regards, Nuwan

So, I had some issues at first: clicking continue because of ‘select’ being unavailable. I wasn’t getting my image to look good until I made sure the smallest size was at least 2000px, and I had already installed all the brushes provided in the folder. After that, my end results were amazing. It did take about half an hour to render instead of the 4 min the author mentioned in the video.

Hi Estefaniav, thank you for the support!

Yes, It can take a longer time on older machines to render out the final result! The tests were made on a medium performance machine.

Best regards, Nuwan

I purchased this item. I am not able to see the video tutorial and hence not able to use this action. Please help!

Hi thank you for the support!

I restored the link in the description page, here is the link:

Best regards

I have been utilizing this action since I downloaded it. I wanted to applaud you on a great piece of work here. There are so many customized options that give us, the end user, to change easily with the tick of a checkbox. Great work on this action.

Thank you very much!!

Is there a way I can remove the entire background and keep just the masked portion of the image?

Hi there… Just looking to see if I can get an answer to this question.

Hi sorry for the delay and thank you for the support!

Can be applying the same mask that the layer “Source” has to the main group “Paint Splatter – Output” a solution for you? To do it CTRL+Click the mask channel of the layer “Source” then select the main group and click “Add Layer Mask” in the bottom of the layers panel.

Let me know if it was what you were looking for!

Best regards

Anyone else have an issue with it shutting down CS5? I have many actions/styles I use and never ran into this.

Hi Angleigh, i repied to your mail!

Hi, is it possible to define my .png image layer as “Background from layer” (as described in your Read me.txt) and keep the background transparent ? Or does you Action require a non-transparent background? Thank you

Hi Gilles, thanks you for the support!

When you use “Background from layer” it loses the transparency channel but you could use a workaround to restore it later. Or also if the ‘mask’ layer you’re going to make is the same as the transparency

You could try to: - call the layer of the image ‘mask’ - duplicate the the layer - make this second layer a Background using “Background from layer” - apply the action and customize - save the .psd - then hide BG Color and Post FX

Let me know if i understood what you want to achieve! Also a couple of screenshots would help a lot, you can send me mail thourgh the contact form on my profile page:


Hey, I’ve been using this action with great success. I love it! I have one picture, however, that is not coming out quite right with the action. It is a light-skinned woman… who after the action is complete…looks like a dark-skinned woman… what to do?

Hi Colleen,

Thank you for the support and sorry for the delay. If you could send a screenshot of the image it would be really helpful. Have you tried to customize the first blue layer which is “FG Base Color”?

Best regards

Hello Nice action. I have a problem however. When i run the action it suddenly says

“Warning: No pixels are more than 50% selected The selection edges will not be visible.”

And from there on it fails alot

Can you please help me?

Best Mads

Hi, thank you for the support!

That message can appear for different reasons, but 3 in particular:

1) If the “Opacity” and “Flow” parameters of the brush tool are not set to 100% at the beginning of the playback. Check the video tutorial at 6:30

2) if the resolution of the image is too small, try changing the resolution from top menu Image>Image Size.

3) if the mask that was made is to small or tiny, in this case try making a bigger mask.

Let me know if one of this solutions works for you! Otherwise please send me a screenshot of the message when it appears, taking a look at the state of the interface of Photoshop really helps! You can send me mails from the contact form on my profile page:

Best regards,