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Is this template easy to edit?

This template is easy to edit if you know Photoshop and have been working with it for a while. Newcomers to photoshop will have a medium learning curve, because it does utilize some advanced text option (on the badge for the cover) and it does uses Smart Objects for the images.

To learn how to use the text tools in Photoshop see this tutorial:

To Open a Smart Object: Right Click the layer and Choose edit content. A window with the content will open. Insert the image or edit the text contain in the smart object. Save the document and go back to the original document. The file will now be updated with the new content or edits that you made. Here is a cool tutorial on Smart Objects: “10 Things You Need to Know About Smart Objects in Photoshop”

What program do I need to edit this template?

Adobe Photoshop CS 4 or higher. After downloading the .zip file named (Pastor Anniversary, you must decompress the file. You will then have a folder named Pastor Anniversary Program-Main. Inside the Pastor Anniversary Program-Main folder you will have 3 files: 1. Pastor Anniversary Service Program-Inside.psd – 2. Pastor Anniversary Service Program-Outside.psd 3. Pastor Anniversary Program-Read Me.pdf

Open and read the .pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader before editing for important information about the template

Open and edit the .psd files with Adobe Photoshop

Here are two text tutorials that should get you started.

“How to Use the Text Tool in Photoshop – Beginners Guide 2013”

Photoshop Text on a Circular Path

What is The Easiest Way to Add More Pages

Best way to add more pages is to use Adobe Indesign (Page Layout Program) – Place the Front Cover as the First Page and The Back Cover as the last page. Use the background of the inside spread (turn off other layers) and Insert it into indesign for the other pages. Then Layout the pages the way you want. – pages must be made a 5.5×8.5 in indesign.

See these tuts for guide

You can do it in Photoshop(Photoshop is not a page layout program, therefore you must work with spreads) but you will need to follow the page order rules – if you are not used to it, it may be a bit confusing – use this article for guide: