Discussion on Scout Patch

Discussion on Scout Patch

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hello its been a few days since ive left an email with no response an im still having issues, “plz start photoshop” even tho it is very much so open. what do i do?

Hi Vladhua, Is there any way I can change the colors options to a custom color? Thank you!

Hi, Do you know how we can change the size of the stitch in this patch ? Thanks a lot !

Product not working. I’m getting the “Please, start Photoshop. The program is not running.” error message. I followed the troubleshooting steps listed in your documentation. Help.

Hi, Thank you for the purchase. Don’t worry I’ll help you with this, please copy this message through the contact form (the link below). Also write me your operating system and version of Photoshop:

Hi, it is working for me, but how can i scale it before aplying, i got oversized results, and i dont wont to scale each setting separetly

Hi, thank you very much for the purchase. You just need to scale the initial image before applying. After you got the result you can scale it back if you need a small image size. If you have any additional questions please let me know. Send your questions through the contact form. I’ll be happy to help you

Error 6028 International error occured error!!!!!!!! -Could not fill because no pattern has been defined. It wont work, i want my money back.

There is no reason for such emotions. I never refuse to help my clients when they struggle with the installation. Just write me through the contact form and I’ll be happy to help you

it says this program is not running can i just get a refund plz so i can buy another one

The product is working. Please contact support and I’ll help you with the setup:

Hello, my name is Paula and I bought the SCOUT PATCH a long ago. Now I’m having problems to run it…It doesn’t work with my PS – it’s the latest version. Can you help me with this, please?

Purchase Date: 2019-03-03 21:44:26 UTC

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for the purchase. Replied to email.

Thank you!!!!

Scout Patch not working. .... Finally after last update i can finally register it !!!! i can insert username and code and register the plugin in photsohop….BUT than nothing is running, got error messages and cannot generate anything. I got error 6028. Im very dissapointed with tihs plugin so far as i cannot use it … any button i click i got this errror. please help.

Thank you for the purchase. Seems like you didn’t get the idea of the last update. The plugin is no longer working inside Photoshop, it’s a standalone application with the ability to connect to Photoshop. As far as I can see you installed the new update but continue to use the old version. There is no need to be so emotional. You could write me through the contact form directly. I’m helping everyone who struggles with the installation, setup, or whatever. The most common problem is that users don’t read documentation to the product. You need to understand that operating systems are different, Photoshop versions different. I can’t predict all preinstalled software on the user’s computer. Don’t worry I’ll help you out

Hi, just bought this. Can’t use it. I’m running “Scout Patch” and the window keeps telling me “Please, start Photoshop. The program is not running.”. Photoshop IS running. I’ve checked “Enable Generator” like you said in the documentation. I don’t know what to do..

Hi, Thank you for the purchase. Don’t worry I’ll help you with this. Please for the support request contact me through the contact form. I don’t receive notifications when someone writes a comment. On the email, I see messages immediately. Please copy your message here

I can’t install this extension. There’s a pop-up stating : “Scout_Patch_Installer_v.1.0.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

Hello, thank you very much for the purchase! This is not more related to the app problem but to the os understanding. You need to open it by holding the option button and clicking on the installer. I mentioned it in the user-guide.pdf. Please read it along attentively. Installation and launching section. If you will have any questions please write me through the contact form I’ll gladly assist and explain all in more detail.

Hi, I sent you a message through your contact form but have not received a reply. The scout patch is not working again. Could you help me please?

The product has been updated. New fully revised version available. It should fix major problems that some of the users faced. This new version no longer has the “unsigned extension” problem and allows to get rid of problems during the verification process.

The Mac version is not loading onto my computer (using macOS 11.0.1).

The message reads….“Scout_Patch_Installer_v1.3.2.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.


Hi, Thank you very much for the purchase!

How to open an app from an unidentified developer?

In the Finder, locate the app you want to open. Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu. While pressing the Control key, click the app icon. Choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open.

Hi, tried to do these steps your saying with no success.

I am trying to “install” the Mac OS version of your product. Going through your guide with what it says to do. When I double click on the product, that message comes up.

What do I do?


Hi, Allan. Don’t worry I’ll help you with this, it’s more macOS-related so we’ll figure it out quickly. Please copy your last message through the contact form and I get back to you asap.

mine keeps saying “error 6028” :( what should I do?

Thank you for the purchase. Please contact me through the contact form and I’ll be glad to help you with that:

Hi, I would like to purchase “scout Patch” photoshop action add-on, Just wanted to know the boarder width is customizable, that is Width is fixed or it can be varied to desired width


Thank you very much for the question. The border is fixed width. But it has big dimensions so you can easily scale it down. However, you can’t scale up the border more than the maximum size represented in the preview image. You should aware of that. You can’t change the size of the border programmatically, this option will be implemented to the future release.

will you make one compatible with cs6? or could I have you make an image for me if I paid? I have a vector file that i need made to look like an embroidered badge

Thank you very much for your question. Unfortunately, earlier versions won’t be supported.

will this work PS cc2020

Definitely yes!

Having problems getting the Single Thread Stitching to work. I know it’s something Im not doing. Keeps saying “Path Item Missing”. Please help.

Hi, Thank you very much for the purchase! Don’t worry, just shot me a message through the contact form and we’ll figure this out.

Hi, I’m having trouble with this plug-in… Every time I try to make a patch art the message: “Boomer! Guard is telling you to go away.” comes up. Sometimes if I restart Photoshop it works again but, then suddenly for any reason if I tried to make more than one patch after opening Photoshop I get the same message and I will need to restart until it works. Sometimes is several restart before it works. Note: Using Photoshop CC 2019 version 20.0.6

Hi, Thank you very much for the purchase! It could not appear on normal occasions. This is very strange because this error could only pop-up when you trigger up an in-app security firewall. Somehow you managed to launch it. Try to reinstall the application. I’ve launched the new updated 1.3 version recently that fixes major bugs. Maybe this problem will go away as well. If this problem won’t go away then write to me through the contact form.

Dear Sirs, I have properly install it, but when I have to enter username and pass, than dialog stuck and I have to reset Photoshop (CC18), and again and again, no success. Can you help us? Thank you

I can not access to do that. Dialog box is just stuck and I can not do anything than restart Photoshop.

Have you tried to close and reopen the panel? Let’s switch to the mail and continue there.

Ok, writting to email


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