Peaches & Cream Web UI Kit

Peaches & Cream Web UI Kit

Peaches & Cream Web UI Kit

A highly customizable Web User Interface Kit with a Color Scheme reminiscent of Peaches and Cream in a neatly organized .PSD File, created using Smart Objects and Shape Layers – thus is 100% Editable and Scalable.


  • 1 .PSD File of the Basic Elements (1180×3200)
  • 1 .PSD File of the Blogging Elements (1180×4500)
  • 1 .PSD File of the Forms & Filters (1180×3800)
  • 1 .PSD File of the Pricing & Services (1180×4200)
  • 1 .PSD File of the Typography & Articles (1180×3200)
  • A .PDF Help Guide

All .PSD Files were Created using a 12 Column 960 Grid (which is not in the .PSD Files).


1. Basic Elements:

  • Calendar, Calendar Dropdown Selection, Date & Time Display
  • Image Slider
  • Profile Display
  • Simple Profile Sign in Form
  • Dropdown Button with States
  • List Box with States
  • Navigation Menu
  • Pricing Table (Single and Triple)
  • Buttons with States
  • Toggle Buttons with States
  • Checkboxes & Radio Buttons
  • Progress Bars & Sliders
  • Progress Circles
  • Tags
  • Video Player Interface
  • Video Player Buttons
  • Rating Stars
  • Search Bar
  • Modal Box
  • Settings Buttons
  • Notification Messages
  • Contact Form

2. Blogging Elements:

  • Blog Posts (with and without Backgrounds)
  • Double Column Blog Post
  • Video and Image Blog Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Add A New Blog Post Interface
  • Leave a Comment Interface
  • Interfaces for Twitter & Flickr Feeds
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Share Buttons
  • Social Media Icons
  • Blog Timeline

3. Forms & Filters:

  • Contact Form (with and without Backgrounds)
  • Category Filter
  • Checkbox Filter
  • Rating Stars Filter
  • Login/Register Form
  • 4 Step Multiplex Form
  • Alternate Account Sign in Form
  • Small Progress Bars
  • Scroll Bars

4. Pricing & Services:

  • Triple Column Services Display (with and without Backgrounds)
  • Testimonials Display
  • Team Profile Displays
  • Services (with Background)
  • Pricing Tables
  • Services Toggle Content (Large & Small)
  • Small Profile Display
  • Blog Categories
  • Latest Blog Posts
  • Recent Comments

5. Typography & Articles:

  • Paragraph Styles
  • Featured Story (Image Holder)
  • Article with Intro Text
  • Side Bar Quote
  • Toggle Content
  • Double Column Article with Intro Text
  • Article Author Card
  • Full Page Quote

Includes a comprehensive .PDF Help Guide on How to Edit the Color; How to Insert Your Images, How to Edit the Text; Font Links and Contact Information for Support.

The Font used in the creation of this User Interface is FREE:
  • FONT: Lato
  • URL: Lato
  • Any Images and Photographs used in the Preview and Promotion of this product.
  • Files for the fonts used in the image previews, promotion and creation of this product (However, links for all of the fonts used are provided in the Help Guide).
  • This product is only in .PSD, thus .AI and .EPS Files are NOT INCLUDED

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