Discussion on Watercolor Master - Perfectum 3 - Photoshop Plugin

Discussion on Watercolor Master - Perfectum 3 - Photoshop Plugin

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sapin Purchased

Please tell me how to remove white spots ?? I went through all the layers and did not find a solution. Removed in the “Background Elements” layer, but there it is erased to the original background. It’s not very noticeable in portrait photography, but when I work with 3-5 people, it doesn’t look pretty. I think the white spots should be on top … underneath is the main watercolor … But I didn’t find that :)

Hi! Thanks for the question. You must find this Layers: - Highlights Watercolor Elements Folder -> Highlights area 2 Layer - Midtones Watercolor Elements Folder -> Midtone area 2 Layer - Shadow Watercolor Elements Folder -> Shadow area 2 Layer Select Layer mask, choose white Brush tool and clear white sports as you like.


sapin Purchased

OK! thanks bro

Does Perfectum 3 have higher resolution brushes than Perfectum 2 ? I need to create 8500×5000 px images.

No.Optimal image size for best results 3500-4000px

Hi, i have been using Perfectum for several years and am always amazed at the wonderful results. And I think I’m not completely inexperienced with it. Now I have installed Photoshop 2021 (english version) and Perfectum 2 no longer works. Then I bought and installed Perfektum 3. Unfortunately Photoshop always crashes during the action. What can be the reason?? The file is 3500×2600 pxl.

Hi! Sorry for the late response. All our products (including Perfectum 1,2 and 3) works well with CC2021. First of all, please reset your Photoshop settings: hold down Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys (Mac: Command, Option, Shift) while starting up Photoshop. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to delete the preferences/settings file. Delete and try again.

Second, please send me a small video with you errors or PS crushing. I will check. Thanks for your time!


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Hi, I also have a problem with the Perfectum 3 aktion. When I start “generate watercolor” Perfectum3 works for some seconds but nothing happens. After that all brushes and patterns are gone. I tried this for several times with Photoshop 2020 and 2021 with the same result. There are no changes by resetting the Photoshop settings.

Hi! Please send me small video of how you try to use the plugin to I will check and give you recommendations.


Rid54 Purchased

thanx for your assistance. With the new update 3.3.1 it works perfect with CC2021 !!

Great!! Thanks for your feedback :)

This is the 4th plugin i buy from profactions , all of their products are absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much :)

Hello Today I downloaded the program Perfectum 3 but unfortunately it doesn’t work with Photoshop v22.3.1 I have a German version Got it with .Open Photoshop and drag-and-drop Tried installer.jsx file It always comes: You are about to execute the script contained in the file “installer.jsx”. Do you really want to do that? If you want to suppress this warning add WarnRunningScript 0 in the file “PSUserConfig.txt” in the folder with the Photoshop settings and restart Photoshop

Please help … thanks in advance Mathias

Addendum: Brushes available but not the Modul

Hallo Rid54 Sie schreiben deutsch denk ich.. Könnten sie mir helfen wie ich die Installation von perfekt hinbekomme? Wäre sehr dankbar Wie können wir uns schreiben… e-Mail? Danke im voraus… LG Mathias

Hat sich erledigt….hatte installationsfehler entdeckt,danke Mathias

Thanks for feedback, Mathias! Be free to contact me with any questions in the future:


I have most of your action from Envato, my Envato username is tomawebdev.

I am using the Perfectum 3 to create a watercolor canvas, but I don’t get the realistic photo, as you can see in the render photos in my dropbox, there are some scratches on the face! Can I make the face and other places in the image more realistic? How to remove the scratches in any place of the image?

Email sent if you can reply, it will be great, the youtube video in your envato listing are outdated, and we have no way to how edit the final image to our needs.


Hi! Hope you are well! Thank you very much for your email.

You must find this Layers:
- Highlights Watercolor Elements  Folder -> Highlights area 2 Layer
- Midtones Watercolor Elements  Folder -> Midtone area 2  Layer
- Shadow Watercolor Elements Folder -> Shadow area 2  Layer

Select Layer mask, choose white Brush tool and clear white sports as you like.

- Edit -

NVM. 3rd time was the charm.

Thanks for making an awesome plugin. :)

Thanks for your comment)

Hi, I bought the version 2 some years ago, and I would like to use now in version 2020/2021 of Photoshop. Is it possible ? Do I need to buy again or it is possible to upgrade to new version??

No you shouldn’t. Latest version of the plugin you can download here at any time: