Perspective View with Ribbon

Perspective View with Ribbon

Perspective View with Ribbon - 1 Perspective View with Ribbon - 2 Perspective View with Ribbon - 3 Perspective View with Ribbon - 4 Perspective View with Ribbon - 5 Perspective View with Ribbon - 6

Nice, minimalist and elegant three dimensional webpage display with vector ribbon, created in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Designed in RGB at 72 DPI. Filesize 1300×975 pixels.

Important Note

Some purchasers of other files have asked me several times on how to achieve the perspective view of the sites screenshots and make it look exactly the way is shown at the preview of this file, here is a great tutorial form TutVid that would help you with the Vanishing Point Filter over Adobe Photoshop.

Perspective View with Ribbon - 7Perspective View with Ribbon - 8Perspective View with Ribbon - 9Perspective View with Ribbon - 10Perspective View with Ribbon - 11

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Any other questions or comments are very welcome at message facility of this file.

I would be very pleased if you let me know the way you use this file on you own projects.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy this set. Adios!

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