Phone Note 7 Rain Mockup

Phone Note 7 Rain Mockup

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rain Mockup is the first PSD Photoshop mockup with simulated rain on the scene and as such is very interesting for the promotion of your design.

In this mockup, we offer more than just a photo with smart object display change. All layers are separated and it is possible to turn off the rain layer, change the background color or color of your smart phone, move the phone, hand or head on the scene!

Under the slogan “More opporunities – more creativity!” the authors offer more opportunities, because we are aware that the details are extremely important.

Galaxy Note 7 Rain Mockup is no ordinary mockup. This is a mockup made of photographs and 3rd renders of new Samsung Android smart phone. Therefore, the reflection on smart phone is ideal and such quality can not be achieved by conventional photo shooting. Therefore, this mockup is great for promotion of your design, responsive web sites, user’s interfaces or creating images, to be illustrations online or newspaper’s articles.

With a little effort and a few clicks, you can simply insert your display on a smart phone, and you can also throw away your background image, select different filters and effects on the scene and adjust your image style.

The first mockup includes male and female hand holding the phone and while touching the screen you have an option to make a replacement or easily turn off the hand that touches the display.

Sixth mockup offers several additional items that can be positioned on the table beside smartphone. You can choose male and female hand holding a Samsung S Pen and writes on display or a hand that touches the surface of the display.

We have prepared 10 background images, 3 textures of the table and you can definitely add your own background.

Like our other products, we have prepared 21 photo filters, vignette, ambient light and gradient effects.

We hope you will enjoy using this product!

What you can do

- Move hand around the scene
- Create high resolution images (4000×2560 pixels)
- One mockup contain man and woman hand holding phone
- Change color of Samsung Galaxy Note 7
- Choose 10 backgrounds images, 3 texture images or add your own
- Increase or reduce the reflection of light on the display
- Use prepared photo filters and adjustments
- Full layered and easy to use scene creator for video or layer slider

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rain Mockup Features

- Size 4000×2560 px, 300dpi
- 6 mockups
- RGB color
- 4 smart phone color
- 10 backgrounds images
- 3 texture images
- 4 desk items
- 21 prepared effect
- Full layered

Please contact me for support, and special requirements.