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Photo Efex Pro Photoshop Actions

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Photo Efex Pro Photoshop Actions - Actions Photoshop

Unleash your creativity with Photo Efex Pro. Photo Efex Pro contains a variety of high quality and professional photo effects. These effects are versatile, can be used in different scenarios to achieve a variety of effects. These actions will give you great value for the price.

Variety of image effects which are useful for different scenarios.
High-quality product with great value and low price.
Free future updates.
Great customer support.
Operating System:​ Windows or Mac OS.
Photoshop Version:​ Photoshop C3 or above.
Depth Photoshop action adds depth in a photo by adding mid-tone contrast and it does not crush shadows or highlights and maintains the detail. The opacity of depth layer could be adjust to increase or decrease the effect. The action can be re-run again to add further depth to the image. Detail Extraction actions extracts the image information from the photo shadows and highlights. The opacity of ‘Detail Extraction’ layer can be increased or decreased as desired. Dark Vegas actions applies Max Payne style effect. These actions have two effects, one which retains the depth of image and the other one gives a flat style look. Rain can also be turned off by making the ‘Rain’ layer invisible or deleting it. Also, rain intensity can be adjusting the increasing or decreasing the ‘Rain’ layer opacity. The Infrared action applies the infrared look to the image. These actions can also be used for snow effect in some scenarios (where there is green nature). Landscape Sharpening extracts details from landscapes image in three levels tiny details, medium detail, and large details. Real world camera lens distorts an image little bit and adds fringe on some edges of the objects in an image which is called the chromatic aberration. Midtone contrast adds contrast to the image while retaining image detail in shadows and highlights. Night actions converts a day-time image into night time. There are two types of night actions one gives more of a moonlight night effect and the other one gives a dark night effect. This effect works best on the images which are not over exposed. Post-Process actions do the processing of image which include brightness, contrast, tone, exposure and color correction to the correct level. There are two types of Post-Processing actions, one which post-process the image and also color correct it the other one post-process the image without color correction. As the name describes it adds rain effect over the image. The intensity of rain can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the opacity of the layer. Rainy weather applies overcast (about to rain) image effect. Sepia is a reddish-brown color which tones the image. This effect is useful for giving an image old look or to just give it a stylistic look. Soft film action adds a soft looking low contrast image effect popular in some films. The intensity of the effect can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the opacity of the layer ‘Soft Film’. Sunset action applies sunset effect to the image. The intensity of the sunset can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the ‘Sunset’ layer opacity. This action works best on images which are not over exposed. Tone mapping corrects the brightness, contrast, and exposure of the image to correct values. Vintage Film effect action converts the image into vintage/old looking film. There are two modes, Low & High intensity. If you need further assistance regarding this product, you can contact our support via this link: ​Intaglio Support
Version 1.2
Added Post-Processing + Color Correction Action.
Added Pro Black & White Conversion Action.
Added Landscape Sharpening Action.
Added Midtone Contrast Action.
Added Tone Mapping Action.
Added Lense Distortion & Chromatic Aberration Action.
Added Videos that shows actions in action.
Updated User Guide.
Added new Sepia Toning Photoshop Action.
Initial release.

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