Photo Fixer

Photo Fixer

Photo Fixer Version 1.5

Fix photo with one click

Photo Fixer is a set of tool set which fixcommon digital image problems with one click. It fixes most common problems.It applies many professional photo correcting methods which suits your photo. These methods don’t over exaggerate photos so that photos look original not fake or photoshopped.


- Fix Underexposed Photo

- Fix Overexposed Photo

- Fix Color

- Fix Blurry Photo

- Fix Contrast

- Reduce Noise

What’s new in version 1.5

- Added two brand new actions which gives artistic and professional contrast to your images.

- Added “Mid-tone Contrast” action which enhances mid-tone of an image thus giving an artistic and good looking style to your images.

- Added “Pro Contrast” action which gives professional level contrast adjustments to your images.

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