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Thank you!

Help. I pasted my photo where you instructed, however the photo is a little larger than each of the photo frames, how do they adjust to fit within the shapes?

Every image is a different size and will require to be enlarged or scaled down. Once you paste the image in place, if its too big, then you need to scale it down by going to “Edit > Transform > Scale” ... or hit “Command T” for Mac, or “Control T” for PC.

Doing that will bring up a “bounding box” around your image, grab a corner node and hold the shift key down and drag your mouse inwards to scale it down, or drag your mouse outwards to scale it up. Then hit enter and its done!

If your image is really big, you may have to zoom out to see the “bounding box” around it.

Let me know if you have further questions, I’m here to help!

Thanks. I do know how to scale an image, I guess what I am asking is how to get the white parts of the frame to cut off around my image…like in your sample online. There is no extra picture hanging outside of the white lines. Does that make sense? Sorry if this sounds dumb :|

Don’t worry, that doesn’t sound dumb :) I think I understand. If there is image showing outside the white frames, then your image is too big and needs to be resized. If you are using an image that has a lot of extra space around the edges, and the portion you want in the frame is in the middle, then I guess its possible that you still have extra image sticking out around the edges. Thats definitely a unique situation, if that happens, then you would need to add a layer mask and remove those extra areas.

Do you mind sending me your file so I can understand better what you are asking?

Hi Luke, are you still around and still supporting. I really like your frame collections and I’m thinking about buying them, but it seems like it’s been quiet here for about a year. I also wanted to say I love what you wrote about yourself and your passion at the bottom of each of your items. Makes me want to support you and your work! Nice job on everything BTW! Blessings, Shawn.

Hey Shawn :)

Thanks for the message, yes I’m still here! Although all of my item contact and support is done via email from my profile page. Its easier to get it all in one spot like that.

Thanks again!