Photobook Fashion Album Template - 30x30cm

Photobook Fashion Album Template - 30x30cm

Photobook Fashion/Model Album Portfolio Template 30×30cm

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  • 30×30cm
  • CMYK & Print Ready with 0.3cm Bleed
  • Modern,Grunge Design
  • 24 pages + Cover Design

Master Pages

Master pages to quickly switch to a different background color style.

Object Styles

Just drag & drop your images and the included object styles will take care of the rest. Includes styles for multiply & overlay your image to the background which are used in some spreads. If you don’t like this effect or doesn’t fit your photos, simply choose the photo & switch to a different object style.

Paragraph & Character Styles

The included character & paragraph styles help you define the formatting attributes that will be applied to the various text elements of the template. If for example you want to change the color or size or font of the body text, simply adjust the appropriate paragraph style and all text frames that share this paragraph style will get updated automatically document wide.

Global Swatches

Change the entire color scheme but simply changing the main colors to the one you like without having any object selected!


  • 1x .INDD files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CC)
  • 1x .IDML files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4)
  • 1x .PSD files (the background image)
  • 1x .PDF files for preview

Fonts Used:

Feel free to use your own fonts, or no text at all ;)

To change any of the included fonts use Type->Find Fonts & replace to the font of your choice, make sure “Redefine Style when Changing All” is checked.

  • Background image is included in PSD format
  • Mockups & the fashion photos are not included and are used for preview purposes only