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Hi, what I did is Ive created new file, than custom shape, background layer deleted. I have tryed to rasterize shape, thinking that maybe problem is there, nothing helps. Ofcourse I did rename the layer to 3D. Im not the PS beginner, dont worry.. Cant understand why it doesnt works well :(

Sorry, what do you mean by it doesn’t work so well. Does it work at all with you? I’ve just sent you a support email.

Forgot to ask, Which version of photoshop are you using? Please note that only English version of Phtoshop is supported by the action.

Hi, the major problem is that final file is missing 1. Face Gloss & Edge Highlight 2. Realistic Perspective Depth with shading Using PS4 EN . Ive send you email with screens. Thanx for support.

Hi Reisgnent,

Nothing major, you’ve just missed one small thing. I’ve emailed you the solution. :)

Hope that helps,

Regards, iMultime

Hahah, everything works fine now. Im sorry, I didnt think the action shouldnt work well if I delete the default background layer from new document.. ;)

I’m glad that the problem has been fixed. I hope you like it. Thanks again :)

Great Action… 5 Stars! I can’t believe it, an actual ps action that not only works great, but has a real help file too! Not like most of the other action files I have purchased that come with a cheesy txt file that is so useless, I don’t see why they even bother with it, or those I have purchased with no help file at all… What’s up with that???

Thanks for the great app!


Thanks very much for your kind words mate! Glad that you found it great.

Exactly, I hate text files too… I do facilitate a convenient PDF file and a DOC file(in case PDF reader isn’t available) with every file I upload so that the user can go through the help file without getting bored :D

Finally, thanks for the purchase and the rating :) Always great to have buyers like you. :) Please make sure you check my other files as well ;)


pi Purchased

Hi all,

nice plugin, but it don’t works with the german Version of photoshop, because the plugin needs a Layer “3D copy”. The german Version has only “3D Kopie”. The result is a broken Action. I don’t know, how to fix this Problem.


Edit: It only works, if I stop the action every time, when it needs a english word and rename the layer from german to english…

Hi pi,

Thanks for the purchase. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I came to know about this after one of my previous(German) buyers made aware of this. I had then clearly added a note in bold letters in the description of the item. You would have seen it if you have read the description before buying.


pi Purchased

No problem, I’ve found a solution :-) It’s a little bit tricky, but it works fine!

Am interested in this action.. can you please confirm it works in photoshop CS5 on OSX , English??

Sure it will :) I created it in CS5 .

You have said that, “Please note that only English version of Phtoshop is supported by the action.” i am using CS5 -Turkish so i can’t use it, am i right? Thanks.. additionally: Your work seems perfect.

No it won’t because it creates multiple copies itself and will look for specific word “copy” in every layer it duplicated.

The easiest way for you to do is download the English language pack for photoshop CS5 which can be found at: M.html”>http://www.4shared.com/file/as_hKy8d/PhotoShopCS5LanguagePack_ENM.html

Once you install this, you should get a English Photoshop version and should be able to use this action. Thanks for your interest :)

I’ve purchased, and i am working for good images. Thanks for your good job. But i only advice that: You should keep original layer (named as “3D” – maybe after rename and hide it) for recovery, because when we make mistake we should be able to go back. Thanks.

I want to say it again: good work.. ;)

Thanks mate! Glad you liked it :)

JAW DROP ! GORGEOUS! :sunglasses2:

:D Cheers mate.

Dis is da bomb!!

Thanks mate! :D

Doesnt work for me at all!!!!

Hi, Thanks for the purchase.. can you elaborate a little as to what the problem is?

Yeah it’s not working for me like the screenshots you have. I’ve applied it to an icon, and it doesn’t look as slick as your 3D sample. Total bummer :(

Please follow the instructions clearly and make sure that you are using the supported version of Photoshop i.e. CS4 +

Really Nice work…......Good luck with sales

Thank you very much. Glad you like it. It’s been on graphicriver for ever! hehe

Is this works on PS CC2014 and 2015? Any update for this? Thanks

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest int he item. This is just a simple action. It should work on the latest photoshop version.

Regards, iMultime

It keeps saying halfway through that the action “move” is not available. Any idea how to resolve?