Discussion on Photorealistic Logo Mock-Up Pack

Discussion on Photorealistic Logo Mock-Up Pack

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whats the name of the fonts you used in the sample Logo?

Regards, Vany

Hi, the first one is Bebas Neue, I can’t remember the other one.

Hi there,

I completly forgot how to edit this file in photoshop! what combination do i need for editing? ctrl+? a dont know anymore :-]

thx regards jeff

You need to double-click the thumbnail of the “place your logo here” layer, please read the pdf file with the instructions.

Hi, I purchased this thinking that they were photoshop styles or actions that could be applied to any text (I wanted to use the letterpress style on a flyer for a school fundraiser). Obviously that’s not what it is, but is there any way I can still use it without it rotating the text to the diagonal perspective? I just want it to stay straight forward…help please?

You could make a new file like you want it to be and then copy the layer style and paste in your layer but I don’t think it will look good.

Hi, nice PSD File! Is there a way to reset the perspective?

Hi and thanks for the purchase,

Sorry but the backgrounds are optimized for the perspectives so you can’t just turn the perspective off. The next pack will feature all the popular styles with frontal perspectives.

Best regards

Hi, Can someone explain to me what the term ‘mock up’ refers with regard to this item.

Thank you.

Thanks! I’m looking to use the effect on a different set up I have. I’ll give it a shot.

Looks awesome and I’m looking to buy. Quick question: If I use the glossy surface, can I lift the logo by itself and place it on a different background? My guess is to turn off other layers and merge visible and use it that way. Let me know, thanks!

Hi, the backgrounds aren’t smart objects so you would need to make a new background and match the perspective.

Great Logo Mock-Up pack. Thanks!

Thank you! :)

Great work here! Very Useful! I’m wanting to mock up Spot UV on a business card… can you supply a version where the Logo is not skewed?

Thanks keljnr! Frontal versions will come out but I don’t know exactly when.

Purchased. Works amazingly well. My clients love now i can use these to show them how it would look printed etc!

hi, on the foil effect i wanted to turn off the distortion How do I do this?

many thanks

great file

Hi, simply turn off the “reflection” or “texture” layer.


hi ive just purchased im using cs6 but it does not skew. please also explain what you mean by copy to, when i put the logo in its a new layer ontop of the smart object :S

Read the pdf.

Great Logo Mock-Up. I just have one quick question, how do you change the background color ?

Let me know


Thanks, you can play with the “color balance” option or add a colored layer over the background layer and experiment with the blend modes, I didn’t integrate a solution for quick color change because of the different results it would give.

Hey I’m a bit new to these types of files but I’m using CS5 so it’s not a technical issue. How exactly do I “insert into the smart object” please?

Hi, thanks for choosing my item. Open the smart object as described in the ReadMe file, open your logo, copy your logo into the smart object or just drag & drop it, now save it and it should be ok.

Great One!

But i have 1 iMac with CS3 running and it doesn’t skew the logo’s :(

Thanks for the purchase. I’m sorry it doesn’t work but Smart Object distortion is not supported in CS3 . You should have taken a look on the item details where it says “Minimum Adobe CS Version – CS4 ”.

Very good! Thaks for your work.

Thank you!

Hey, i was wondering if you could tell me where you got the backgrounds or what type it is? i would appreciate it thanks.

How do you mean what type it is? I made them with textures, some tweaking and the vanishing point filter.

Ok so you custom made it, I was just wondering cause i like that type of texture but cant figure how to get it

I’m on CS3 , afraid to buy if this doesnt work. anyone successful using CS3 ?

For people with CS3 , i’m not sure if it works, but you can try,

If you placed your logo, and it isn’t skewing, press CTRL -T (windows), then you press ctrl again, and go with your mouse on the middle (black,small) box, and drag it left/right (while holding CTRL ).

I hope it will work :)

By the way, very nice mock-up !

I am using CS3 and these aren’t skewing for me either. Any help will be appreciated.

Unfortunately there’s no option to distort smart objects in Photoshop under CS4 .


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