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Great action & Great idea ! Good luck with sales :)

This seems to be very useful!

Thx for all the kind comments & greeting :) Don’t hesitate to share me how i could improve this to be a better & handier tool :D

This looks excellent! Lovely detail. Bookmarked!

Awsome! Beautiful stitches and very well documented, fabulous attention to detail with flexible and reralistic results. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Thanks for the purchase, would love to hear your suggestion if there’s any stitch style you’d like to include on the next update :)

Deosnt work , refund required.

Hi Robby,

Could you give me more information how it didn’t work. Like what Photoshop version you are using, on Mac or Windows, etc. So i could inspect where’s the error might occurs, if any.

Thank you :)

The object “Work Path” is not currently available. How do we get that to work

Got it never mind great work. I highly recommend this to everyone

Great !

Sorry for the late reply ( you know deadlines, like so many of you got ;) )

If you like you could mention me on twitter or mail me via the form at http://graphicriver.net/user/amyahya , and i’ll help if you still need thing to discuss :)

Hi, I keep getting an error message “The object “Work Path” is not currently available”. Do you what’s going on?

Sorry i haven’t test it on photoshop cs version and before. ( as i’ve mentioned on product desc. only tested on CS3 , CS4 , CS5 )

Also on our email conversation, you’ve mentioned that you found where the problem. Does it mean you found workaround so setik could work on your photoshop ?

I’d be very grateful if you could share your solutions here :D

Oh, the problem was that I was using a shape and not the path of the shape. I know it sounds simple but it wasn’t when I first tried it. Thanks for the quick responses and the follow ups.

Aha, Thanks for the share :D Yes usually things seemed simple when we’ve found the solutions. Still its worth mentioning so other can learn from your experience.


Will this work on high res images? Such as 300 dpi or is it limited to 72 dpi? Is there a way to alter it for higher resolution?

Thank you.


Sorry this actions is based on pixel based brush. So it’s limited for screen use only ( 72dpi ). It was meant for web designers, since i’m seeing this style pattern trends on web elements ;)

Oh crap, i just read this after buying it. Cant this be done to work on 300dpi resolution ? I love the effect but need it in Higher res!!

hi :) I’d like to discuss this over email, could you send me what you need via the contact form in my profile : http://graphicriver.net/user/amyahya

I’ll check if i could help.


Thank you ! ... it’s very helpful. Can’t wait to see your other work. :)

* Cintailah produk2 Indonesia *

Terimakasih :D

excellent instructions—very detailed! :D

Thank you :)

Hallo :) Thanks for the great product, works great, but I have a small question. I know this isn’t Photoshop support but if you could help me out I’d be very thankful (I’m don’t work with paths a lot…) :)

When I create a path with the pen tool all is well. However, how can I create a working path from a shape? I used the rectangle tool to create a rectangle and if I apply an effect I get “The object “Work Path” is not currently available”. I know I’m supposed to use the path, not the shape, I just don’t know how to create the work path from the shape :)

Thanks so much for your help and you’re great actions!

UPDATE: Just realize I could create a rectangle path instead of a shape, but it would still be handy if I could get the path from the shape itself (it’s easier to align shapes since you can change their proprties after you’ve created them)

Hi there,

No problem! I use Sales Donkey for the Mac which notifies me of comments and sales :) You can also get some stuff for your iPhone if you use one, there’s a general comments RSS feed as well :)

Aha yes, nice info, thx. Never knew there’s that application :P

*i can’t keep up with rss feed, pushed all things to my mail as coms hub for my projects. Old school i know, but it keep my peace :)

Lol, I know what you mean :D Anyway, good luck with continuing sales!



Can result be 300 dpi for printing?


i’m sorry, but this created i photoshop for screen use ( 72 dpi ) , you might find better suited items in Adobe Illustrator section :) Good luck.