Discussion on Photoshop Fire Text Actions

Discussion on Photoshop Fire Text Actions

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Wow! Imaging work ….... I love It :)

Thank you :)

!!! Amazing! Bookmarked and twitted! Good Luck with Sales! ;)

This Is Awesome Does Exactly What is Shown and Is User Friendly Thank You

Thanks to you too :)

Hello, I tried to execute exactly as you described in your document but several error occurs. It says “object layer 1 is not avaiable at the moment”, and some filters are not available. I thin there is something related to the fact that my CS6 is in portuguese. For example, “text copy” would be “text cópia”. Can you help me as soon as possible? Thanks.

Yes that might be the reason. Although GR doesn’t accept files in any other language than English, still you can find some solution to this problem here:

Hi, it fixed the language problem, thank you. But it still presents the following errors: The command Polar Coordinates, Wave and Filter Gallery are not available. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Are you working in CMYK mode? Some filters are not available in CMYK.

i downloaded this before i realized it was only for MAC do you have this for windows.

This set of actions was entirely prepared in Windows. No MAC system was used. Besides, all PS actions are cross-platform, they do not vary between MAC or Windows. You can visit these links below, they might be helpful for you:

Burn and Lava seem to work fine, but I’m having trouble with Heat – which si the one I need. I get the following error message 3 times The object “layer “layer 1 copy”” is currently not available. And this one once: the command “merge layers” is currently not available.

Hoping you can help me ASAP. Thanks.

Hi, it seems we have pinned down the source of your problem. As per the instructions.html you must create a new document with transparent background, which you have missed in your case. Also please don’t create a separate text layer. Just type on the transparent layer and apply action. While creating the new document no need to bother about the dpi settings. Please check the video link below :

Well, I THOUGHT I read the instructions :) Thanks so much for your help.

You are welcome :)