Pill Bottles Mock-up

Pill Bottles Mock-up

Product Mock-Up — Pill Bottle

Watch features of mock-up file on Vimeo

Pack include 6 PSD Files:

  1. Three Pill Bottles.psd
  2. Five Pill Bottles.psd
  3. Fountain of Tablets.psd
  4. Stream of Pills.psd
  5. Pill Bottle.psd
  6. Pill Bottle with Cap side.psd


  • High resolution 4000×4000 px (Stream of Pills.psd is 6000×4000 px)
  • Organized layered files
  • Editable via smart object: double click on the smart objects in the PSD file, replace your design and save it.
  • Files Three Pill Bottles.psd and Five Pill Bottles.psd have different smart objects for each bottle. You can load same design for all bottles and make a bit shift for natural look of scene.
  • Additional option is to change color of each caps individually via adjustment layers.
  • Of course, it is possible to switch off the shadows…
  • ...change background color…
  • ...or place your own backdrop.
  • Finally, you can add shallow depth of field. Files Three Pill Bottles.psd and Five Pill Bottles.psd have depth channel. So, you can add realistic shallow depth of field with photoshop lens blur filter with controlling focus point and strength of blur.
  • For advanced manipulating the mock-up it has separate alpha channels of each bottles and common one.