PipeBeer Game Assets

PipeBeer Game Assets

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This Graphic Pack is used in PipeBeer
You can try the game here

This Graphic Pack is conceived to be used in a game whose resolution is: 1360×640

What Will You Get?

AEP Files:

  • Pipes animations (.aep)
  • Splash Animations (.aep)
PSD Files:
  • Explosion Sprite (.psd)
  • Lamp Sprite (.psd)
  • Pipe Beer Layered (.psd)
  • Pipes Sprites (.psd)
  • Splash Sprite (.psd)
Adobe Illustrator Files:
  • Character(.ai)
  • Vectors (.ai)

Png Files:
  • Bubbles Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Character Animations Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Explosion Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Foam Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Pipes Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Splash Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Character Menu (.png)
Flsh Files:
  • Character Animations (.fla)

    • Time (.png)
    • Splash (.png)
    • Pipes Sprite Sheets (.png)
    • Next Pipe (.png)
    • Next Panel (.png)
    • Message Box (.png)
    • Level Sprite (.png)
    • Lamp Sprite Sheets (.png)
    • Goal Icon (.png)
    • Explosion Sprite Sheet (.png)
    • Button Yes (.png)
    • Button Settings (.png)
    • Button Restart (.png)
    • Button Play (.png)
    • Button No (.png)
    • Button Info (.png)
    • Button Home (.png)
    • Button Help (.png)
    • Button Full Screen (.png)
    • Button Exit (.png)
    • Button Continue (.png)
    • Background Help (.png)
    • Audio Icon (.png)
    • Arrow (.png)
    • Character Animation Sprites Sequence

    • Background Preloader (.jpg)
    • Background Menu (.jpg)
    • Background Level Selection (.jpg)
    • Background Game (.jpg)
    Adobe Creator Sofware Used: CS6

    The font used is BD Cartoon Shout

    You can download the font here

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