Pixel Art 2D Platformer Video Game Kit Assets

Pixel Art 2D Platformer Video Game Kit Assets

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Hi game dev! Due to these concerning times of uncertainty of what the future holds we´ve decided to decrease our prices on all our products, hoping this will motivate you to create some amazing games! Stay safe out there. Warm hugs from all of us.

2D Platformer MASSIVE Pixel Game Asset Pack for game developers! 32 animated pixel character sprites, backgrounds, tilesets, gui and so much more!

For detailed info on all assets included in this pack, please see each category described below

Use this mario pixel art style design for creating a 2D platformer side-scroller game. Develop games with adventure, fantasy, action, real time strategy, combat and other similar theme.

Create sprawling pixel art video game, and populate them with this platformer game kit pixel. These side scroller game assets are for young and expert game developers who want to create their mobile game apps for android, IOS or any other game builder out there, and needs a classic game design. It’s a “buyer’s choice” with this pack. You can import the pixel art to nearly any image editing program. So whatever is your preferred software, this game bundle is easy to use and implement into your game development code.

Enemies are ready to attack and Heroes are ready to fight, defend and win! All pixel characters animation sequences are all exported as transparent PNG and GIF containing; Attack, Crouch, Die, Hit, Jump, Run, Walk, Fly, Idle and more.

You are only allowed to release ONE game per License. The Standard License means your game should be Free but it can contain IAP – In App Purchases and the Extended License is if you intend to charge people for the game from the start.

You can of course publish the game on ANY number of platforms, like Steam, iOS – Iphone, Ipad, MAC App Store, Android mobile phones, android tablets, Amazon, Steam, PC, Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and more.

These 2d pixel art game asset pack contains ALL pixel graphics you need to build your own pixel game.

Included in this pack

File Types

  • Animated GIF
  • Transparent Fully Layered PNG
  • Photoshop PSD


  • Attack ( some characters contains 2 attack moves )
  • Crouch
  • Die
  • Hit
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Walk
  • Fly ( for flying characters )

32 Game Pixel Art Characters with animations
All pixel characters sprite has been exported to PNG and GIF available in 2 sizes (Standard & x3). You can play around with any of the characters to battle, level-up, or any other pixel-perfect sidescroller game you could think of! Character Sprite Animations – Attack, Crouch, Die, Hit, Jump, Run, Walk.

  • Barbarian
  • Armored Barbarian
  • Green Dragon
  • Red Dragon
  • Dwarf
  • Armored Dwarf
  • Female Elf
  • Male Elf
  • Fire Demon
  • Gargoyle
  • Goblin
  • Hunter Goblin
  • Game Knight
  • Lizard Man
  • Meduza
  • Minotaur
  • Orc
  • Orc rider (Animal ride)
  • Peasant
  • Princess
  • Scorpion
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Skeleton Wizard
  • Soldier
  • Spider
  • Treant
  • Troll
  • Blue Wizard
  • Gold Wizard
  • Wolf
Transparent PNG : 2 – 6 Frames
Photoshop PSD : 6 – 12 Layers

Sizes: 64×64 px to 96×96 px

19 Game Background Parallax
All backgrounds are parallax fully layered that comes in 3 sizes which is perfect for any different level theme game for any platform.

  • 5 Fantasy Backgrounds
  • 5 Forest Backgrounds
  • 4 Mountain Backgrounds
  • 5 Village Backgrounds

Sizes: 512×256 px, 1920×1080 px and 2048×1536 px
File Types

  • Photoshop PSD

38 8-bit Pixel Weapons
All pixel weapons contains sprites and are well organized available in 2 sizes ( Standard and x3 ). Almost all characters are eligible to interchange weapons which you could take advantage of for use of skill or level unlock type of game

  • 10 Different Swords
  • 5 Different Daggers
  • 5 Different Staffs
  • 5 Different Hammers
  • 5 Different Axes
  • 5 Different Maces
  • 3 Different Bows

Sizes: 32×23 px to 48×48 px
File Types

  • Transparent PNG : 3 Frames
Side scroller Game Tile sets – All in a blocky style, forest, dark lava, stone, fantasy, and snowy look to make it easy for you to create the perfect sidescroller pixel game. (We include a outline guide for easy custom)

5 Unique and Complete Game Tile sets

Sizes: 32×32 px to 96×96 px
File Types

  • Transparent PNG
  • Photoshop PSD

15 Animated Projectiles
All animation projectile sprites are exported in PNG and GIF available in 2 size (Standard and x3) containing attack effects for specific characters to boost in-game satistfaction

  • 5 Different Wizard Attack VFX
  • 3 Different Arrow
  • Dragon Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Iceball
  • Green Poison
  • Rotating Shield
  • Character Shield
  • Weapon Swoosh

21 Miscellaneous Objects and Decorations
Almost all assets are animated (rotating, power ups etc) and has sprites exported to PNG and GIF available in 2 sizes (Standard and x3)

  • Game Coin
  • Golden Key
  • Silver Key
  • Heart
  • Treasure box
  • Potion Blue
  • Potion Red
  • Tombstone
  • Barrel
  • Barrel Laid
  • Metal Box
  • Wood Box
  • Rock
  • Teleport port
  • Spike
  • Info Sign
  • Down road sign
  • Left road sign
  • Right road sign
  • Up road sign
  • Explosion VFX

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