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Great pack, awesome job!

Thanks! :)

Thank you :) /Julia

I have a product on unity assets store, is a 2D platformer template on C#, with extended license, can I use this awesome art in my product ?

Hi Ofridman, yes, you can certainly use that, if you purchase extended license but state that people are not allowed to re-release the game unless they purchase a license here on the graphics if they plan to release the game as-is. Not sure about the license terms in Unity. /Julia

Can you provide the sprite sheet instead of individual png files ?

Hi, sorry but we have individual png files for flexibility. What I mean by that, is that you can very quickly and simply use free tools to combine and create an Atlas file if that’s what you need. For ex. Texturepacker or Spritesheetpacker. Let us know if you have additional questions? \Julia

Character Idle animation incomplete

Hi, thank you for the input. Feel free to email us at – and please state which character you are referring to? /Julia

for any character idle is incomplete

Sorry for the delay, sorry but we did not add any Idle animations and it is not stated in the info either. However an idle animation should be quite easy to do. /Julia