Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters Pack

Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters Pack

Create awesome looking pixel art games with this high quality characters pack, for medieval-fantasy games! Each character was carefully designed and animated by experienced pixel artists. The pack contains over 30 high-quality animated characters as well as over 10 animated enemies and various other bonuses and eye-candy!

See the animations in action here!

Note : The environment shown in the screenshots is taken from our other pack, Pixel Art Parallax Woods Pack. Check it out of you are looking for a gorgeous pixel-art forest sporting parallax layers!

These characters all share a common theme of medieval-fantasy, making them coherent and fit together in a game. All characters have the following animations :

  • 3 unarmed attacks
  • 3 attacks using weapons
  • Idle loop unarmed
  • Idle loop with the weapon
  • Jumping frame
  • Staggered frame
  • Dash frame unarmed
  • Dash frame with the weapon
  • Idle loop holding an item in front of the character
  • Frame raising an item above the head

In addition to these, some of these characters have extra elaborate FX for attacks, which have been exported separately from the attacks themselves (allowing you to either use them for other things, or simply spawn them separately to add special post-processing on them or have remanence).

The enemies also share the common theme, and have the following animations :

  • Run loop
  • Attack
  • Staggered frame

Most of them also have special animations depending on the enemy. For example, the mage has an animation where he appears in a puff of smoke, or the bomber has an animation where he blows up with the big bomb he is rolling.

This pack includes :

  • 17 animated characters, each with a male and female variant making for 34 overall characters, some with extra special FX for their attacks
  • 8 animated enemies + 3 variants for three of them
  • 4 beautifully drawn mystical banners that characters can brandish + a dust FX when it gets planted into the ground
  • An animated golden chest that opens and wiggles when you tap on it
  • Various utility FX (dash, slide, slash, etc)
  • Over 1800 sprites overall!

Every animation comes in separate frames, so you can create spritesheets as you wish. You can contact us if you want already-made spritesheets.

Let us know what you think of this pack, and feel free to contact us for support!