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Interesting Effect , Good Job Bro :)

Thank you!! ;)

Super! Thanks)))

You’re welcome mate, thank you too!


Thank you mate!

Hi, following the tutorial, trying to use this action but getting errors at each step. First is “The command select is not currently available”. Using CC2018 I converted my image to rgb 8bit and the pixel size is 1080×1080. Anything I’m missing? thanks.

Hi thank you for the support and sorry for the delay!

Can you please send me a screenshot of this message when it appear? Before the playback open the action, to open an action you just need to click on the arrow on the left of it’s name.

Once it’s opened you’ll see all the commands inside, then playback the action, when the message will appear make a screenshot. Doing so i’ll be able to see on which command the playback stops and help you better!

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