Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Bundle Pack

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Bundle Pack

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Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Bundle Pack

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Bundle Pack is a pack with 420 Mini Vector Icons in PSD file, made with attention to detail and legibility. All of the icons are based on vector shapes and 16×16 pixel grid. Icons are fully editable and great for your next project like cms, menu, buttons, forms, etc.

Package Contains


  • PSD Files With 420 Icons
  • 420 Transparent PNG Icons
  • Editable Vector Shapes
  • 6 Organized and Layered PSD Files
  • 2 Predefined Styles
  • Perfect 16×16px Grid

List Of Icons Vol. 1

Add, Adjust, Application, Arrows Expand Horizontal, Arrows Expand Vertical, Arrows Narrow Horizontal, Arrows Narrow Vertical, Arrow Down, Arrow Left, Arrow Right, Arrow Summary Left, Arrow Summary Right, Arrow Up, Bin, Briefcase, Cargo Cart, Cargo Cart Full Loaded, Cargo Cart Half Loaded, Cargo Cart Load, Cargo Cart Unload, CD, Chart Graph Bar, Chart Graph Line, Chat, Checkbox Cross, Checkbox Empty, Checkbox Tick, Cloud, Cloud Download, Cloud Upload, Comment, Comments, Comment Add, Comment Delete, Couple, Credit Card, Cross, Cross Box, Database, Delete, Desktop Computer, Download Diskette Style, Download Hard Disk Drive Style, Edit, Email, Email Add, Email Delete, Family, Flag Left, Flag Right, Folder, Folder Add, Folder Delete, Folder Network, Folder Open, Folder Vertical, Folder Vertical Open, Hard Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive Network, Heart, Heart Add, Heart Crossed, Heart Delete, Highlight, Home, Home Network, ID Card, ID Cards, Image, Images, Image Add, Image Delete, Inbox, Information, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Laptop Computer, Layout 1 Column, Layout 2 Columns, Layout 3 Columns, Layout Sidebar Left, Layout Sidebar Right, Letter, List File, Lock, Megaphone, Minus, Mobile, Mouse Pointer, Mouse Pointer Move, Movie, Movie Add, Movie Delete, Mute, Network, Office, Office Network, Outbox, Palmtop, Paper Knife, Pendrive, People, Person, Person Add, Person Remove, Pin, Pin Add, Pin Delete, Plus, Printer, Question, Router, Router WiFi, RSS, RSS Add, RSS Delete, Save, Screen, Shopping Bag, Shopping Cart Empty, Shopping Cart Full Loaded, Shopping Cart Type 2 Empty, Shopping Cart Type 2 Full Loaded, Sign Post Left, Sign Post Right, Sound, Telephone, Text File, Thumb Down, Thumb Up, Tick, Tick Box, Underscore, Unlock, Upload Diskette Style, Upload Hard Disk Drive Style, Wall, Warning, WiFi

List Of Icons Vol. 2

Address Book, Apartment Type 1, Apartment Type 2, Applications, Application Encrypted, Application Form, Application Progress Bar, Battery Empty, Battery Full, Battery Half, Battery Low, Binders, Blackboard, Boat, Book, Bookmark, Box Closed, Box Opened, Bus, Cabinet, Calc, Calendar, Car, Castle Tower, Cemetery, Chapel, Church, Clock, Closed Door, Decrease, Department, Document, Documents, Document Add, Document Compressed, Document Edit, Document Encrypted, Document Horizontal, Document Lock, Document Print, Document Remove, Document Shredder, Document Spreadsheet, Door, Draft, Eject, Eject Active, Factory Type 1, Factory Type 2, Fast Forward, Fast Forward Active, File Type AVI, File Type CSS, File Type DOC, File Type FLA, File Type FLV, File Type GIF, File Type HTML, File Type JPG, File Type JS, File Type MP3, File Type PDF, File Type PHP, File Type PNG, File Type PSD, File Type RAR, File Type SQL, File Type TAR, File Type TXT, File Type XLS, File Type XML, File Type ZIP, First Aid, Flag, Folders, Folder Documents, Folder Images, Folder Locked, Folder Movies, Folder Music, Form Field Footer, Form Field Header, Form Field Subheader, Form Text Area, Gift, Hospital, Hourglass, Hourglass Start, Hourglass Stop, Increase, Key, Leaf, Map, Map Pointer, Mic, Monument, Mouse, Mug, Museum, Next, Next Active, Note, Notebook, Open Door, Pause, Pause Active, Piano, Plane, Play, Play Active, Plug, Previous, Previous Active, Rec, Rec Active, Rewind, Rewind Active, Search, Site Map, Star, Stop, Stop Active, Store, Tag, Tags, Tag Add, Tag Delete, Task, Task Add, Task Completed, Task Delete, Task Important, Task Text, Tent, Truck, User, Users, User Add, User Delete, Wallet

List Of Icons Vol. 3

Auction Hammer, Balance, Bar, Barrier, Bar Data, Bebo, Bing, Binocular, Blogger, Bridge, Brush, Buzz, Camcorder, Camera, Camping, Compass, Contract, Crop, Cup Add, Cup Delete, Cup Type 1, Cup Type 2, Delicious, Designfloat, Deviantart, Diamond, Dice Five, Dice Four, Dice One, Dice Six, Dice Three, Dice Two, Digg, Dotted Data, Dribble, Emoticon Happy Face, Emoticon Sad Face, Envato, Equalizer, Expand, Facebook Style 1, Facebook Style 2, Field Edit, Filter, Fire, First Place Type 1, First Place Type 2, Flickr Style 1, Flickr Style 2, Float, Forrst, Foursquare, Friendfeed, Gamepad, Google Plus, Hammer, Harbor, Highway, Hotel, Hyperlink, Level, Linear Data, Linkedin Style 1, Linkedin Style 2, Luggage, Myspace, Paint Brush, Paint Roller, Pen, Picasa, Progress Bar, Pull Out, Push, Railroad Tracks, Rail Crossing, Reddit, Restaurant, Road, Select Area Style 1, Select Area Style 2, Settings, Share, Shield, Skype, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Soundcloud, Step 0, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Stumbleupon, Table, Table Add Column, Table Add Row, Table Delete Column, Table Delete Row, Table Merge Rows, Table Select Column, Table Select Row, Table Split Rows, Technorati, Text Editor Bold, Text Editor Center, Text Editor Code, Text Editor Copy Style 1, Text Editor Copy Style 2, Text Editor Copy Text, Text Editor Flush, Text Editor Font, Text Editor Font Decrease, Text Editor Font Increase, Text Editor Indent, Text Editor Italic, Text Editor Justify, Text Editor Left Align, Text Editor List, Text Editor List Hierarchical, Text Editor Numbered List, Text Editor Paste Style 1, Text Editor Paste Style 2, Text Editor Paste Text, Text Editor Redo, Text Editor Refresh, Text Editor Right Align, Text Editor Spacing, Text Editor Subscript, Text Editor Sum, Text Editor Superscript, Text Editor Underline, Text Editor Undo, Tumblr, Tweet, Twitter, Vimeo, Xing, Youtube, Zoom In, Zoom Out

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10.2012 – v1.0
  • First Edition Of Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Bundle Pack
  • 420 Pixel Perfect Mini Icons in Pack

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