Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 3

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 3

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 3

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 3 is a pack with 140 Mini Vector Icons in PSD file, made with attention to detail and legibility. All of the icons are based on vector shapes and 16×16 pixel grid. Icons are fully editable and great for your next project like cms, menu, buttons, forms, etc.

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  • PSD File With 140 Icons
  • 140 Transparent PNG Icons
  • Editable Vector Shapes
  • Organized and Layered PSD File
  • 2 Predefined Styles
  • Perfect 16×16px Grid

List Of Icons

Auction Hammer, Balance, Bar, Barrier, Bar Data, Bebo, Bing, Binocular, Blogger, Bridge, Brush, Buzz, Camcorder, Camera, Camping, Compass, Contract, Crop, Cup Add, Cup Delete, Cup Type 1, Cup Type 2, Delicious, Designfloat, Deviantart, Diamond, Dice Five, Dice Four, Dice One, Dice Six, Dice Three, Dice Two, Digg, Dotted Data, Dribble, Emoticon Happy Face, Emoticon Sad Face, Envato, Equalizer, Expand, Facebook Style 1, Facebook Style 2, Field Edit, Filter, Fire, First Place Type 1, First Place Type 2, Flickr Style 1, Flickr Style 2, Float, Forrst, Foursquare, Friendfeed, Gamepad, Google Plus, Hammer, Harbor, Highway, Hotel, Hyperlink, Level, Linear Data, Linkedin Style 1, Linkedin Style 2, Luggage, Myspace, Paint Brush, Paint Roller, Pen, Picasa, Progress Bar, Pull Out, Push, Railroad Tracks, Rail Crossing, Reddit, Restaurant, Road, Select Area Style 1, Select Area Style 2, Settings, Share, Shield, Skype, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Soundcloud, Step 0, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Stumbleupon, Table, Table Add Column, Table Add Row, Table Delete Column, Table Delete Row, Table Merge Rows, Table Select Column, Table Select Row, Table Split Rows, Technorati, Text Editor Bold, Text Editor Center, Text Editor Code, Text Editor Copy Style 1, Text Editor Copy Style 2, Text Editor Copy Text, Text Editor Flush, Text Editor Font, Text Editor Font Decrease, Text Editor Font Increase, Text Editor Indent, Text Editor Italic, Text Editor Justify, Text Editor Left Align, Text Editor List, Text Editor List Hierarchical, Text Editor Numbered List, Text Editor Paste Style 1, Text Editor Paste Style 2, Text Editor Paste Text, Text Editor Redo, Text Editor Refresh, Text Editor Right Align, Text Editor Spacing, Text Editor Subscript, Text Editor Sum, Text Editor Superscript, Text Editor Underline, Text Editor Undo, Tumblr, Tweet, Twitter, Vimeo, Xing, Youtube, Zoom In, Zoom Out

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10.2012 – v3.1
  • 20 New Icons Added
  • Renamed to Pixel Perfect Mini Icons Vol. 3

10.2011 – v3.0

  • All Icons Remodeled And Adapted To 16×16px Grid
  • Minor Design Modifications
  • Reorganized And Named All PSD Layers
  • PSD Slices Added
  • 20 New Icons Added
  • 120 Transparent PNG Icons Included
  • Renamed To 120 Mini Vector Icons Vol. 3

06.2011 – v2.0

  • 20 New Icons Added
  • Renamed To 100 Mini Vector Icons Vol. 3

10.2010 – v1.0

  • First Edition Of 80 Mini Vector Icons Vol. 3