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just awesome work and creativity ;) GLWS

Thank you very much. :)

Wow. So creative and large work done. Congrats :)

Thanks a lot :)

Can this be used in Photoshop or just Illustrator?

They are all in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files. But you can import them to Photoshop too.

so cute:-)GL

Thanks :)

Beautiful designs. If I wanted something else created to go with these like another background or some other accessories for a character could you create them? How much would you charge? Thanks

Thanks for your interest and your kind words.

Unfortunately we don’t accept customizing this design.

Kind Regards
Pixflow Studio

May I use a Character as the logo of my brand?

No problem. You can use them as the logo.

Do you have any tutorials on how to edit these files in illustrator?

Would you please tell us what do you want to customize exactly ? Please drop us a mail (

Hello, I love this!!!! do the characters have diferent poses or do I have to buy the whole pixityland $53 for the characters to have diferent poses

For using .ai files you can create poses manually : Pixity GR Character tutorial

If you want to have poses in easier way, you can purchase After Effects project file and render them in .png format.

Please let me know if you have any problem.

Best regards
Pixflow Studio

Looks very cool!! GLWS! ;)

Thank you ;)

Its really good.. why you dont put also a mobile phone there.. it would be much appreciated.. Do you have another file that contains any mobilephone?

Thanks for your suggestion

Unfortunately we don’t have any plan to update this file.

Cool! characters :)

Thank you :)

Hi there, I wanted to buy your vector pack so I can use it in my presentation , which I will sell later on to a client, how much would it cost ? Which package should I get?

Hi, you need to buy extended licence for your project and then you can sell it to just one client. If you need more information please check the following link:

This is great and easy to customise! Thanks!

Thank you very much :)

wonderful!! can i use in contest..? i wonder this icon’s copyright

Hi, sorry for the delay and thank you for your interest. Can you please explain how you want to use it in a contest?

dude, what happen with this? i downloaded it but the data seems wrong, it appears: background. not character creator kit (wrong content) thank you

Hi, Thank you for choosing us and downloading our products, and sorry for this issue, Please download it again we fixed it :)


sammet Purchased

Hi all,

Just bought your arwork, looks very nice.

However, I need the carachters in different positions like sitting or running. How should I do this? I have Illustrator CS6 and thought using the Puppet Wrap Tool but I cant find it. Do you have any other softare you would recommend?

Thanks for feedback!

Best wishes, Sammet

Hello there , thank you very much for your kind compliment , please search “pixity land tutorial ” in youtube and follow the tutorials there , if you were not able to find a solution please contact us on