Planet Maker

Planet Maker

Planet Maker

Have you ever wanted to make something completely new with your normal pictures?
Well, I have something you must take a look at!
Using this Photoshop Action, you can bring your smart-phone taken pictures to a whole new level!

What exactly this action does?

This action not only makes you a gorgeous looking planet, but also gives you a BUNCH of other stuff.

What other stuff?

Well, Let me tell you:

  • 6 Additional Effects to use on your final picture.
  • Sun and Stars to put on the planet.
  • Lens flare to make it more realistic.
  • 4 Different types of Clouds to use with Random results everytime you play the action.
  • Optmized Layers and Groups at the end so you can delete anything you don’t want.

What is included in the downloaded file?

You download 2 Sets of actions, Stars and Sun PNG files and A Complete detailed PDF Tutorial file.

Is it possible to edit the result even after the action’s done?

Yes! You can edit as much as you want, remove, move, and even..

Add more!

You can easily add more clouds or stars by dublicating their layers.

What kind of photo it works on?

It doesn’t matter what type of picture you have, Portrait, Landscape or Panorama all are supported to get awesome results!

Compatibility: Photoshop CS3 or Higher

The file you download includes two seperate action sets, one for CS3-CS4 and CS5 Photoshop Users and another one for CS6-CC Users.
Please Note: In the CS3-CS4-CS5 action you get four additional effects instead of six.

The two other ( Sunset & Foggy Night ) are deleted because of compabilty problems these versions had. So I strongly advice you to get updated!

One click = Hundreds Saved

This action does Hundreds of actions with your single click to make the awesome results.
So surely it saves HOURS of you working on a SINGLE project.

The pictures used in the image preview are not included in the downloaded file.