Plates Mockup Bundle

Plates Mockup Bundle

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Plates Mockup Bundle

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  • 3 plate sizes: square and two rectangles
  • 3 or 5 view points: front and sides
  • 3 wood plate types: red wood, dark wood and common
  • Any metal plate color with presets for gold, silver, copper, black and blue steel
  • Different mockup styles
  • 3 photo filters: cold, warm and evening
  • Changeable background (color or your image) auto perspective
  • Any pins color
  • High resolution 3000×2250
  • Editable via smart object
  • Photorealistic


Glad to see you here! This mockups are perfect to showcase your logo, nominal plate design or company name. Just paste your design into smart object and pick from different mockup styles. You can combine mockup styles by using masks. Also you can paste your wall artwork behind, corporate pattern or other company identity, just paint a wall or paste a texture with auto perspective smart object layer. Three photo filters sets mood of the scene, just simply turn them on or off if you need.

Have any questions left? Feel free to ask in a comment section.

Fonts, logos and artworks are not included, used for preview purpose only.

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