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Thanks Gluckxxx :)

Excellent Work ;) Good Luck With sales !!

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Very nice. Keep up the good work :)

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Hello, I have purchased this item and want to know how can I add pictures???

Hi, Thank you for the purchase….Which program do you use? Indesign or Illustrator ?

I want to purchase the pocket calendar 2014 :)

2014 version may be available in a few weeks. At the same time you might want to look at the “2014 Calendar Set Kare” in my portfolio :)

Thank you for your interest.

How do i add pictures in illustrator, and can the be added in photo shop?


1. Click a box 2. Select “File” indesign menu 3. Select “Place” and open Place screen 4. Select one picture and click “Open” button

chosen photo will be opened in the box. But may be photo’s dimensions larger than box’s dimensions. To set the size of the photo;

1. Select “Direct Selection Tool” button on the Tools bar. (or press “A” on the keyborad) (White Arrow) 2. Click a box and select picture. 3. Set the dimensions

Thank you for purchased…

Thank you soundfruit!

Thank you too.. :)