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Fantastically awesomely brilliant work!

Thanks WallTone !

wow~ just awesome! :)

Thanks Kaixer

Can you edit the graphs / pie charts in PPT or do you have to use Photoshop?

Yes you can edit the graph directly in PPT . :-)

is ipad compatible?

Normally yes. I can’t try because i don’t have iPad sorry.

I love this theme but am having trouble with lining up as shown in your screenshots. I see a warning saying that I don’t have the correct font, so I don’t know if that could create the problem. Can you advise me on if there are any set issues that could be the source of the problem?

Hello Phillipwhite,

thanks for you purchased, i appreciate. Which is your powerpoint version ?


I am using it with the newest version of keynote.

Hello, nice work. A pre-purchase question here.

Can its header texts be edited to display German (letters like i.e. ü , ß , ä etc.) and with Greek characters?

In other words: If I write in the headers in the above mentioned languages, will my texts be displayed (in the headers / titles of the slides)?

Thanks in advance.

P.s. What does smbdy have to do in order to repaint the slides in Keynote? I’d like to fit them to my CI color. Will this work problem free?

Hello DigitalPathos,

I’m so sorry for the delay. I think it’s possible to add others language. You can try with simple keynote. If it’s working, it working too with mine.

Best regards

This has actually to do with the fonts your template is using. If they “work” with other languages, they will work with the template too. Otherwise I will have to replace your fonts with a Global Font (like i.e. Arial) which work with all languages. Thanks anyway, great template. (P.s. you should reply earlier to buyers messages though).

Hello? Can you please reply to my questions above? Thank you!

Hi I have just purchased and all of the elements are not aligned properly, please can you advise on how to fix this? I’m using keynote version 6.6

Hi Can yo please tell me how to run this as a PowerPoint presentation – - I downloaded ‘Vintage Style’ a load of files but I can t see how to run it. – thanks.